Carl G. J. Zarbock

Page 511 - Carl G. J. Zarbock, who is president of the Peat Fuel Company, and a prominent real estate dealer of Grand Rapids, was born in Germany, July 25, 1867, the son of William and Anna (Berg) Zarbock, both of whom were natives of Germany and came to Saginaw, Michigan, in 1890 where they made their home until the time of their death. Carl G. J. Zarbock was educated in the public schools of Germany and then served in the German army for seven years. In 1890, he came to the United States with his parents, settling with them at Saginaw, Michigan, where he remained for two years. In 1892, he came to Grand Rapids where he followed his chosen trade of stationary engineer for some twenty years in leading factories and buildings of his adopted city. In 1913, he established a plumbing and heating concern which he operated successfully until 1917, when he gave up the work to engage in the manufacturing of peat. He developed a fine business and though he is not now actively engaged in working at the plant, he is still president of the Peat Fuel Company, which owes its existence and present thriving condition, in large measure, to his ability and initiative. He has given much time of late years to dealing in real estate and his business interests are mostly along these lines at the present time. Mr. Zarbock is know to his many business associates as a man of sterling integrity and honesty in his business dealings, factors which have greatly aided him in his successful career. On October 22, 1892, he married Miss Augusta Liedeke of Saginaw, Michigan, and to this marriage have been born five children as follow: Carl G. J., Jr., who is married and has a son and a daughter; George R., Otto B., Lena, and Anna. George R. and Otto B. Zarbock are the proprietors of the Zarbock Brothers garage located at 445 Michigan street, northeast, which is doing an excellent business under their direction. They are Ford automobile dealers and also do general garage work. Mr. Zarbock is a member of the Lutheran church.

Transcriber:  Nancy Myers
Created: 5 November 2002