Robert S. Woodbridge

Page 600 - Robert S. Woodbridge was born in Arlington, Massachusetts, on July 20, 1864. When but a child he was taken with his parents to Bloomfield, New Jersey, and there he secured his preliminary education in the public and high school. He returned when eighteen years of age, to Boston, Massachusetts, and there was engaged in the lumber business. In 1888 he made his first trip Grand Rapids and then was upon the road as a salesman until 1906, at which time he took up his residence in Grand Rapids. Here he engaged in the lumber and veneer business and has achieved a very successful career in his commercial enterprise. Mr. Woodbridge takes a great interest in all sports and is not only well-known in sporting circles, especially fishing and hunting, his portrait appearing in sporting regalia as he appears in the woods, is familiar in the local press. He is a member of the Peninsular Club. He served during the World war in the transport service in connection with the Y. M. C. A. work.

Transcriber: Nancy Myers
Created: 13 December 2002