Francis L. Williams

    FRANCIS L. WILLIAMS, attorney at 629 Michigan Trust Building, is one of the rising members of the bar of Grand Rapids. He was born in Macon, Georgia, on August 23, 1890. He secured his early education in schools at Atlanta, Georgia; Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, and Rochester, New York, and was graduated from the high school of the latter city. He then chose a course of professional study, entering the University of Michigan, and was graduated from the law department of that institution in 1912. Except for a period of two and a half years when he answered the call of his country in the World war, he has been continuously engaged in the practice of his profession in Grand Rapids. He volunteered for military service in the World war in May, 1918, and went overseas in August of that year. He served in France and in Northern Russia. He started on his return for the United States on August 11, 1919, and was soon thereafter given an honorable discharge. Previous to his service in the World war he received his training at Camp Custer. Mr. Williams has seen military service previous to his enlistment in the World war. In June, 1916, he served with the Michigan Thirty-second regiment on the Mexican border and was discharged on March 1, 1917. He engaged in the practice of law in Grand Rapids upon his return from the Mexican border service until his enlistment in World war. Mr. Williams is a member of the Catholic church and of the fraternal order of the Knights of Columbus. He also maintains professional co-operation as a member of the Grand Rapids and Michigan State Bar associations. He takes part in the civic affairs of the community as a member of the Grand Rapids Association of Commerce. He was married on May 23, 1924, to Miss Fern Moorman of Muskegon, Michigan. In addition to his professional duties Mr. Williams carries on business responsibilities as director in the Boland Lumber Company and also the Polin Fuel Company of Detroit, Michigan.

Transcriber: Evelyn Sawyer
Created: 21 June 2002