John L. Wierengo & Staff

Pages 495-496 - John L. Wierengo & Staff. This progressive corporation, with headquarters in Grand Rapids, stands representative of the most modern and advanced policies in the domain of general advertising, and its service has gained to it both reputation and large success. The concern has a representative and extensive business in Michigan, with many important clients through the country. The organization is one that is efficient and resourceful in every department of service, and its executive staff comprises those who are authorities in their assigned provinces of work. This is one of the leading advertising agencies of Michigan, and the greater part of the business is concerned with the production of advertising for manufacturers, the while the corporation likewise functions in an advisory capacity in its service to patrons. The enterprise was founded by John L. Wierengo, and upon the incorporation of the business, under the title that initiates this review, Mr. Wierengo became the president, Gerald H. England the vice-president, and Chester F. Idema the secretary and treasurer. Mr. Wierengo was born at Muskegon, Michigan, and is a son of Andrew and Jennie (DeHaas) Wierengo. In 1909 he was graduated in the engineering department of the University of Michigan. Mr. Idema was born in Grand Rapids, and he likewise is of the sturdy Holland Dutch ancestry that has touched most worthily and effectively the civic and industrial development and progress of western Michigan. He was graduated in the University of Michigan as a member of the class of 1909, and in the World war period he was in service in the United States Army, in which he gained the rank of second lieutenant. The executive principals of John L. Wierengo and & Staff are young men of sterling character and marked business acumen, the development of their successful advertising agency standing in evidence of their progressiveness and of their well ordered service to a representative and appreciative clientage that is constantly increasing.

Transcriber:  Gloria Paas
Created: 8 November 2002