Daniel Howard Waters

 Page 624-625 - Daniel Howard Waters. Although more than three decades have passed since Daniel Howard Waters was called to his final reward, he is remembered as one of the sterling pioneer business men of Grand Rapids who contributed much to the industrial and financial prestige of the city. He was born at West Falls, Erie county, New York, December 29, 1834, a son of Asa and Anna (Dudley) Waters, and he fully exemplified the alert and enterprising character for which the people of the Empire state have always been noted. His educational advantages were those afforded by the public schools of his native county and an academy at Aurora, New York. His boyhood days were spent upon his fatherís farm, where he was taught the habits of industry and economy, and the discipline was a valuable one during the formative period of his life. He early began lumber manufacturing, a market being found for his product in Buffalo, and this business was continued at Grand Rapids, Michigan, to which he removed in 1856. He invested largely in pine lands, his holdings being situated in Wexford, Newaygo, Mason, Lake, Kent and other counties. In addition, he gave considerable time to inventing; produced machines for the manufacture of bent wire, measures, salt boxes, grease and bail boxes and bent pieces for covering oil cans, and for the economical utilization of small trees, which up to that time had been considered almost unavailable. In 1869 Mr. Waters organized the Michigan Barrel Company, with a capital of $300,000, to handle his devices, and he was elected president and general manager. Great prosperity attended this undertaking, the stock paying large dividends. He remained at the head of this company until 1882, and at the same time was interested in other manufacturing enterprises which have given Grand Rapids its prominent position as an industrial center. From 1884 until the time of his death he gave his attention chiefly to the purchase and sale of timber lands. Mr. Waters was one of the organizers of the Old National Bank of Grand Rapids and one of its directors, and held the same position in connection with the Grand Rapids National Bank and the Michigan Trust Company. He aided in organizing the Peopleís Savings Bank and was one of the founders of the Peninsular Club. As a business man he was progressive, but with him progressiveness was not a synonym for rashness in speculation. He was married at Grand Rapids, Michigan, December 27, 1859, to Mary, daughter of Christopher William and Mary (Hiliman) Leffingwell, and a member of an old family of Connecticut origin. She bore him a son Dudley E., now a successful business man, and two daughters. In 1894 Mr. Waters made a journey to the South for the sake of his health, and there died, at Green Cove Springs, Florida, March 17, 1894. His remains were interred in that beautiful spot, Valley City Cemetery, Grand Rapids.

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