Henry Voet

Page 319-320 - Henry Voet. The largest automobile body, fender, and radiator repair shop in Grand Rapids is that owned and operated by Henry Voet who brings to his work experience derived through seventeen year of conscientious application to learning and perfecting his methods. He was born in Muskegon, Michigan, October 6, 1891, the son of Joseph and Josephine (Jaep) Voet, both of whom were natives of Germany, the former now living in Grand Rapids. When Henry Voet was a small boy, his family removed to Grand Rapids where he was educated, attending the public schools. Upon his graduation he went to work in the automobile business in the mechanical end. He worked with various concerns during the ensuing seven years in order that he might learn the various phases of automobile repair work in shops specializing in one or more of these particulars. By the end of that time, he believed that he had acquired sufficient expert knowledge to allow him to go into business for himself. For the past ten years, therefore, he has operated his own company for the rebuilding and repairing of automobile bodies, fenders, radiators, lamps, tanks, and windshields. He makes a specialty of rebuilding wrecked cars, and the acetylene welding done in his shops is of the best. His shop, located at Ellsworth avenue, Southwest, is the largest of its kind in western Michigan and stands as testimony to the energy and resourcefulness of the owner. Mr. Voet was married on February 4, 1914 to Miss Anna M. Schultz, the daughter of Mr. and Mrs. William Schultz, of Shelby, Michigan. They have one daughter, Edna L., who was born February 20, 1920. In Masonry, Mr. Voet has attained to the degree of Knight Templar and is a member of Malta Lodge and the Shrine and holds membership in the Masonic Country club. He is also a member of the Kent County Motor club.

Transcriber: Nancy Myers
Created: 12 March 2003