Andrew Van Ysseldyke

Pages 302-303 - Andrew Van Ysseldyke is publisher of the Northwestern Weekly, at 310 Leonard N.W. He was born in Grand Rapids on September 10, 1894, a son of Jacob and Cora (Verheyke) Van Ysseldyke. The grandfather of the subject of this narrative, Jacob Van Ysseldyke, and his wife came to Grand Rapids in an early day. They had a family of seven children, Leonard, William, Jacob, Frank, Mary, Minnie and Maggie. Jacob’s wife was the daughter of Andrew and Cornelia (Verheyke). She came to Grand Rapids in 1883 in company with her mother, who brought five daughters, four of whom are now living. Her husband had died in the Netherlands. Andrew’s parents had been married in Grand Rapids and had a family of seven children, all of whom are now living. Andrew Van Ysseldyke received his education in the public schools of Grand Rapids, but early in life devoted a necessary portion of his time to learning the printers’ trade. Therefore, while yet at the early age of nineteen years, he established the Northwestern Weekly, which has flourished under his efficient management until it has not only become a successful enterprise but is now the second oldest community paper in Grand Rapids. Mr. Van Ysseldyke is a young man of rare ability, which cannot be properly and sufficiently delineated within the short confines of this sketch, but for a full appreciation thereof records should have to be made to the many files of his publication. Also commercial printing is done in connection with publishing of the weekly, and he is owner of one of the largest job plants in the city. His business is established at 310-314 Leonard street, N.W., and its success speaks for his business ability. In religious affiliation he is a member of the Netherland Reformed English church. He was joined in matrimony on September 18, 1919, with Miss Joan Stark, of Grand Rapids, and they have one daughter, Verna Corrine, who was born on August 20, 1920.

Transcriber:  Ann Ed
Created: 22 October 2003