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Table of Contents
History of Kent County, Volume III
Edited by Arthur S. White

Chapter I -- Early Settlement of Kent County

"Primitive Man of Michigan" -- Indians of the Valley of the Grand -- Their Characteristics and Occupations -- Native Flora and Fauna -- Forerunner of the White Invasion -- Effects of the Early White Visitors on the Morals and Manners of the Indians -- Father Baraga's Mission -- Retarding Effect on Settlement by Adverse Reports -- Road Authorized by Congress from Detroit to Mouth of Grand River -- Timber -- Baptist Mission of McCoy -- Rix Robinson, Fur Trader, Came in 1821 -- He Became Prominent Figure of Early Days -- Louis Campau Came With His Family in 1827 and Settled on Present Site of Grand Rapids -- Luther Lincoln Came Next in 1832 -- Others Followed and Favorable Reports Brought Many More: 17-24

Chapter II -- Organization and Government

Kent County Established in 1831 and Named in Honor of Chancellor Kent, of New York -- Kent Township Organized in 1834 and Township Officers' Elected -- Machinery of Justice Set Up -- County Organized and Grand Rapids named County Seat in 1836 -- Erection of Court House in 1837 -- Organization of the Various Townships -- Legislature Established Several State Roads in County in 1836 -- "Free Bridge" Over Grand River at Grand Rapids Authorized in 1844 -- Foot Bridge Had Been Built in 1842 -- First Wagon Road in County Across Grand River Erected at Ada in 1844 -- Land Appropriations to Foster Public Improvements Made in 1848 -- Board of Supervisors in 1925: 25-31

Chapter III -- Grand Rapids -- Village and City

Site of Grand Rapids an Inviting Spot to Traveler of 1830 -- Topography -- Campau Pre-Empted Site of City in 1831 -- Joel Guild Persuaded to Come to Grand Rapids -- Grand Rapids a Community of Twenty Men, Many with Families, in 1834 -- Trails and Paths -- Post office Established in 1832 on West Side of River, and a "Branch" on the Opposite Side in 1834 -- Names of Inhabitants in 1835 -- First School District Established -- Streets Laid Out -- Influence of John Ball and Others -- First Newspaper -- Grand River Band -- Grand Rapids Incorporated as Village in 1838 -- Village By-Laws Adopted -- Dam Built -- Society to Promote Immigration Formed -- New Buildings -- Difficulties of Travel -- A Steamboat Built in 1845 -- Daily Mail in 1846 -- Fire Companies Organized -- Waterworks in 1848 -- City Charter Received in 1850 -- City Officials Elected -- Military Companies -- Miscellaneous Subjects -- List of Mayors -- Municipal Improvements -- Population Statistics -- Parks -- Cemeteries -- Court House -- Government Building -- City Hall -- Railroads -- Telephonies -- Article by A. S. White on Early Settlement -- Personal Recollections of Marion Withey: 32-74.

Chapter IV -- Manufacturing and Commerce -- Banking and Finance

Diversity of Manufacturers -- Furniture Industry -- List of Things Made in Grand Rapids -- Growth of Furniture Industry -- First and Later Mills -- Foundries -- Iron Works -- Carriage Making -- Agricultural Implements -- Various Industries -- Plants Recently Established -- Statistics on Leading Industries in 1924 -- Commerce, Its Growth and Exponents -- Banking and Finance: 75-109

Chapter V -- Education

Schools One of Primary Considerations of Pioneers -- School Started in 1834 near Reed's Lake -- In Grand Rapids in 1835 -- A Second School in Grand Rapids in 1836 -- Two Others Soon Followed -- All Supported by Private Subscription -- School District Able to Employ a Teacher in 1837 -- Built School House on Fulton Street in 1839 -- It Burned in 1849 -- A Second School was Formed in 1848 Under Union School System -- School was Graded and High School Established in 1859 -- Gilbert Trust Fund Established in 1860 -- Early Teachers -- State Legislature Made Grand Rapids and Contiguous Territory a School District Under Supervision of Board of Education in 1871 and Central High School Was Provided For -- Development and Growth of System to Present -- Modern Educational Methods -- Private Schools -- St. Mark's College -- Calvin College -- Libraries: 110-120.

Chapter VI -- Military

Civil War -- Kent County Represented in Many Organizations of Union Army -- Brief Reviews of Each of These -- Expenditures for Various Purposes -- Spanish-American War and Kent County's Participation -- World War -- War Declared -- Enlistments -- Training of the National Guard Units -- Registration for Selective Draft -- National Army Recruits Trained at Camp Custer -- Thirty-Second Division Trained at Camp McArthur, Waco, Texas -- Overseas Service -- Honor Roll -- Red Cross -- Y.M.C.A. -- Women's Committee Council of National Defense -- War Savings Stamp and Liberty Loan Campaigns -- War Relief Society: 121-142

Chapter VII -- The Press

The "Grand Rapids Times" First Paper -- Started in 1837 and Was Conducted Until 1855 as Weekly -- Name Changed to "Enquirer" in 1841 -- Daily Edition Was Begun in 1855 -- The "Herald," A Daily Was Begun the Same Year -- The Two Consolidated in 1857 -- Merrill H. Clark Obtained Control in 1865, Changed Name to "Democrat" and as Such It Was Published Thirty-Seven Years -- In 1902 It was Made an Evening Paper and Called "Evening Post" -- Name Changed to Daily News" in 1908 and to "Grand Rapids News" in 1910 -- Discontinued in 1924 -- "Grand Rapids Eagle" Began in 1844 and Lived Until 1894" -- "Grand Rapids Herald" and the "Press" Now Occupy the Field -- Other Papers That Have Come and Gone -- Foreign Language and Trade Papers: 143-145.

Chapter VIII -- Bench and Bar

Judges -- County Courts -- Circuit Court Commissioners -- Superior Court -- Justice Courts -- Prosecuting Attorneys -- Members of the Bar: 146-156

Chapter IX -- Physicians and the Public Health

First Physicians -- Hardships -- Common Pioneer Diseases -- Epidemics -- Grand River Medical Association Formed in 1852 -- Grand Rapids Medical and Surgical Society Existed Until About 1855 -- Grand Rapids Sanitary Association -- St. Mark's Home and Hospital Opened in 1873 -- In 1890 New Building Completed and Named in Honor of R. E. Butterworth -- Other Additions Since That Time -- Union Benevolent Association -- Blodgett Memorial Hospital -- St. Mary's Hospital -- Director of Public Welfare and His Duties as Head of the Department of Health -- Statistics on Work of the Board of Health: 157-167.

Document Source: White, Arthur S., Ed., A Third Volume Devoted to Kent County, Dayton, Ohio: National Historical Assoc., 1924.
Location of Original: Microfilm, Sutro Library, San Francisco, California.

Transcriber: Jennifer Godwin
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