Fred Telder

Page 523 - Fred Telder. One of the thriving businesses of the Grand Rapids east side is that in which Fred Telder is part owner. He was born in Grand Rapids, February 4, 1895, the son of Garret H. and Katherine (Timmerman) Telder, of Grand Rapids. He realized that real success would only come when he went into business for himself, and accordingly, he in partnership with N. H. Keegstra, established the East End Electrical Company. Electrical contracting in building work has formed one of the large portions of the work of the company and many large jobs have been performed by the concern. A full line of electrical supplies are carried in stock, and the firm is able to handle any sort of an electrical contract that it may make. Mr. Telder has won the name of being not only an excellent electrician but also of being an astute business man of sterling integrity. February 3, 1917, he was united in marriage with Miss Winifred Davidsee, the daughter of Mr. and Mrs. William Davidsee, both of whom are dead. William Davidsee was a prominent building contractor of Ada, Michigan. Mr. and Mrs. Telder have two children, Ethel June, born December 20, 1918, and Freddie Ann Telder. Mr. Telder is a member of the F. & A. M.

Transcriber: Nancy Myers
Created: 25 November 2003