Helen Elizabeth Studley

Pg. 411-412 - Helen Elizabeth Studley. In the foregoing review is given adequate record concerning the honored Grand Rapids family of which Miss Studley is a talented and popular representative, and in her native city she has precedence as one of the successful and influential exponents of the great and benignant system of Christian Science, of which she is a practitioner, with offices at 802 Grand Rapids Savings Bank building. The public schools of Grand Rapids, including the high school, afforded Miss Studley her earlier education, and in 1904, she was graduated in Vassar College, from which celebrated institution she received the degree of Bachelor of Arts. In her girlhood, she attended the First Methodist Episcopal church of Grand Rapids, but, with her parents, she transferred her affiliation to First Church of Christ, Scientist, in the work and service of which her mother was specially prominent, as is noted in the preceding article. Like her mother, Miss Studley has been instant and devoted in the field of Christian Science, of which she is a leading and most successful and popular practitioner in her native city, where also she is a popular figure in representative social and cultural circles. She is active in the work of various clubs and civic organizations in Grand Rapids, including the Woman’s University Club, the Altrusa Club, and Woman’s City Club. In addition to her effective service as a Christian Science practitioner, she was for three years second reader in First Church of Christ, Scientist. Miss Studley went through the normal class of the Massachusetts Metaphysical College in Boston, Massachusetts, and thereby became a teacher of Christian Science in December, 1925.

Transcriber: Mary Huizen
Created: 12 March 2003