Stanley Strong

Page 367-368 - Stanley Strong, proprietor of the Strong Electric Company, of Grand Rapids, was born in that city, August 8, 1896, the son of Frank and Frances (Steel) Strong, the former of whom died in 1909 and the latter of whom is still living in Grand Rapids. Stanley Strong attended the public schools of Grand Rapids, and after his graduation from the latter institution, he went into electrical work, continuing in that line until he felt that he had gained sufficient knowledge of the work to allow him to go into business for himself. In 1919, he established the Strong Electrical Company which has developed to a point where it is ranked as one of the flourishing electrical contracting and supply houses in the city. He took a special interest in radio work, and when wireless receiving outfits were perfected to the point where they could be successfully used in the homes of the people, Strong found that his services were greatly in demand in work of this kind. In 1918, he married Miss Mildred Zylstra, the daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Zylstra, of Grand Rapids. Mr. and Mrs. Strong have one child, Geanne, who was born September 22, 1919. Mr. Strong has gained a place of prominence in the electrical business in Grand Rapids, a place that has been gained solely through his own efforts coupled with his expert knowledge of the work which he has chosen for a life work. His leisure time away from business is spent in hunting and fishing sports in which he is highly proficient.

Transcriber: Nancy Myers
Created: 29 January 2004