Frank E. Stevens

Page 254-255 - Frank E. Stevens. There are many reasons that might be mentioned to explain the business success of prominent men in every community, but the long record for high quality service and commercial integrity in such a constructive line of business in upbuilding the community explains the success of the president of the Phoenix Sprinkler and Heating Company. Frank E. Stevens was born in Montcalm County, Michigan on April 9, 1861, and attended the public schools of Ionia county, Michigan, and the grade schools at Muir, Michigan. He began his business career with the West Branch Lumber Company, where he remained for several years until he took a position with Luce Furniture Company at Grand Rapids. In 1902, with Julius A. Ziesse, he engaged in the heating contract business and organized the Phoenix Sprinkler and Heating Company, then a partnership, until its incorporation in 1918, when Mr. Stevens became president, Julius A. Ziesse, vice-president, and Karl L. Ziesse, secretary and treasurer. The subject of this narrative was married in 1892 to Miss Julia Gibson of Grand Rapids. They have reared a splendid family of children: Vesta is a graduate of Grand Rapids high school and the wife of A. D. DeGraaf of Detroit, and they have one child, Jean; Irving G. is a graduate of Grand Rapids high school and Boston Technical school and is now engineer for the Phoenix Sprinkler and Heating Company; Mildred, who is a graduate of Grand Rapids high school, is now a student at the University of Wisconsin, and Marian, who is a graduate of the Grand Rapids high school is now at Tarrytown, New York. Mr. Stevens resided in Grand Rapids during practically all of his business career. He has been so very much engrossed in watching the city grow and in making his contribution to the development of the community through the excellence of the work attributed to his company that his time has been entirely devoted to his business and to the rearing and education of this family, of which he is so justly proud.

Transcriber: Nancy Myer
Created: 21 April  2003