Fred D. Starritt

Fred. D. Starritt is the progressive general manager of the Grand Rapidsí branch of the National Mattress Company, which substantial and important corporation operates a chain of seventeen mattress factories, four of which are in Michigan and the others in Ohio, Indiana, Pennsylvania and West Virginia. The high-grade products and progressive policies of this corporation have gained to it a very extensive business of most substantial, order, as well as the highest of commercial reputations. C. F. Edwards, of Huntington, West Virginia, is president of the company; L. B. Starritt, of Toledo, Ohio, is the vice-president; F. B. Adkins, of Huntington, West Virginia, is the secretary and Fred D. Starritt, general manager of the Grand Rapids branch, is treasurer of the company. The well equipped factory in Grand Rapids makes provision for the trade throughout western Michigan, and the business of the Grand Rapids branch, established in 1923, has shown a splendid growth under the effective management of Fred D. Starritt, who is proud of the local plant and business of his company and who is an appreciative and loyal citizen of Grand Rapids, the second city of importance in Michigan, with rank in population second only to Detroit and with even equal precedence as an industrial and commercial center. Mr. Starritt has the distinction of being a native of the fair old capital city of the Old Dominion, his birth having occurred in the city of Richmond, Virginia, November 5, 1891. In 1911 he was graduated in the Augusta Military Academy at Augusta, his intention having been to make construction engineering his vocation and his educational training having been along this line. After completing his studies he was for a time in the employ of a leading corporation engaged in bridge construction, and thereafter lie was associated with the Otis Elevator Company, with his headquarters at Richmond, Virginia. In 1917 he became one of the stockholders and executive principals of the National Mattress Company, and with this corporation he has been manager of its Grand Rapids branch from the time of its inception, in 1923.

Transcriber: Nancy Lesser
Created: 4 March 2003