Earl David Stall

Earl David Stall is one of the progressive business men of the younger generation in his native city of Grand Rapids, where he is junior member of the firm of D. Stoll & Son, the well equipped retail establishment of which is devoted to the handling of dry goods, ready-to-wear apparel for women and children, and shoes and other footwear for men, women and children, the establishment, at 617-19 Bridge street, northwest, being the largest and most important of its kind on the west side of the city and controlling a large and representative supporting patronage that marks it as one of the most popular mercantile houses in this district of Grand Rapids. Mr. Stoll was born in this city June 19, 1890, and is a son of David and Mary (Dietz) Stoll, the former of whom was born at Ann Arbor, this state, June 23, 1858, and the latter of whom, a native of Cincinnati, Ohio, was a child at the time of her parentsí removal to Grand Rapids, where she was reared and educated, where her marriage was solemnized and where she passed the remainder of her life, her death having occurred here in the year 1919. David Stall, a scion of one of the sterling pioneer families of Washtenaw county, Michigan, was there reared to adult age and there received his youthful education in the schools of Ann Arbor. He came to Grand Rapids about the time he had attained to his legal majority, and here he found employment at his trade, that of cabinetmaker. In 1883 he opened a small dry goods and clothing store at 603 Bridge street, northwest, and his wife proved a valued coadjutor in the early stage of operations, as she had supervision of the store during the period that he continued in the work of his tradeóuntil such time as his independent business should have been established on a profitable basis. He finally retired from the work of his trade to give his undivided attention to his store, and he has been one of the reliable, enterprising and substantial business men of the city for more than forty years, with inviolable place in popular confidence and good will. He still continues to make regular appearance at the store, but the active management of the business is now vested in his son, Earl D., upon whose admission to partnership the present firm name of D. Stoll & Son was adopted. In March, 1904, the business was removed from its original location to the present large and well equipped headquarters, where all departments are known for comprehensive stock and full facilities for meeting the demands of the appreciative patrons of this old and popular mercantile institution of the West side. David Stall is an earnest communicant of the Lutheran church, as was also his wife. He is affiliated with the Independent Order of Odd Fellows, and his civic loyalty has found expression through his alliance with the West Side Building & Loan Company, of which he is the vice-president and which has done splendid service in advancing the civic and material progress of the west division of the city. After completing his studies in the high school, Earl D. Stall took a course in a local business college. From his boyhood he has been associated with his fatherís business, and thus he is fortified in all details of the same and well equipped for its management. As a citizen and business man he is fully upholding the high honors of the family name, and is unreserved in his appreciative loyalty to his native city. In the Masonic fraternity, in which he takes the deepest of interest, Mr. Stall received the thirty-second degree of the Scottish Rite when he was but twenty-one years of age, and he is a Noble of the local temple of the Mystic Shrine, as well as a member of the Masonic Country Club, through the medium of which he is able freely to indulge his propensity for scientific golf playing. He is an active member of the Grand Rapids Chamber of Commerce and is affiliated with the local lodge of Elks. He and his wife are communicants of the Lutheran church. Their residence is a beautiful modern home of the Dutch colonial type and is listed as one of the finest in Grand Rapids, with attractive location at 228 Bristol street, northwest. June 19, 1913, Mr. Stall was united in marriage to Miss Beatrice Werner, daughter of William D. Werner, who was for twenty years engaged in the jewelry business in Grand Rapids. Mr. and Mrs. Stall have three children, and their names and respective dates of birth are as follows: Norman David, May 15, 1915; Donald Earl, February 6, 1917; and Lloyd William, April 11, 1920.

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