Roy F. Springer

Pg. 405 - Roy F. Springer. There is no exaggeration in designating Mr. Springer as one of the leading exponents of the automobile business in western Michigan, and he has the further distinction of being the youngest man in Grand Rapids, to be the head of an automobile sales and distributing business, he being the founder and executive principal of the Standard Automobile Company, the large and well equipped headquarters of which are established at 650 Bridge avenue, northwest, where is utilized a floor space of 15,000 square feet. The modern garage and salesrooms are of the best metropolitan type in all appointments, equipment and service, and here has been made a record fro selling and delivering a greater number of motor cars than any other agency in western Michigan. On the payroll of the Standard Automobile Company is represented a personnel of fifty-five employees, including the most efficient and highest paid corps of salesmen. When he was but a boy, Mr. Springer determined to identify himself with the automobile business, and in the same his success has far exceeded his anticipations. The original Grand Rapids garage which he erected on a lot sixty by eighty feet in dimensions was the nucleus from which has been evolved the present large and fine establishment of the Standard Automobile company. He established this as a one-man garage in the year 1915, after he had made a record as an automobile salesman of the first class. In initiating his new enterprise, he doffed his white collar and donned overalls, in order to be properly appareled for the diverse duties that devolved upon him as the owner, manager and sole workman of his new enterprise. He had the good judgment to realize that splendid opportunity was offered for the development of a successful Ford sales and service business in a location on the west side of the city, and notwithstanding obstacles and other difficulties that he encountered in the earlier period, he has pressed forward until he developed one of the greatest automobile sales businesses in western Michigan. He reads human nature, and thus has been able to select the most efficient assistants in the upbuilding of his splendid organization, which is notable for its loyalty and earnest cooperation of all members of its personnel in all departments. This is a big human agency and is giving the best of human service. Fair and honorable dealings and effective service have brought results, and Mr. Springer has reason to take pride in his organization and its work. He is one of the progressive and valued members of the local Board of Commerce, and is a member of the Cascade County Club. He and his wife are communicants of the Lutheran church, and in their home community, they have a circle of friends that is limited only by that of their acquaintances. Mr. Springer was born in Detroit, Michigan, December 27, 1892, and is a son of Frederick and Emma (Blair) Springer, the former of whom is deceased and the latter of whom still resides in Detroit. Roy F. Springer gained his earlier education in the public schools of his native city and was about three years of age at the time of the family removal to Saginaw. In 1911, he came to Grand Rapids, gained success as an automobile mechanic, and in 1915, he founded the business of which he is now the resourceful and popular executive head, as already recorded in this review. On the 8th of December, 1915, Mr. Springer was united in marriage to Miss Bothilba Eckberg, daughter of George Eckberg, of Grand Rapids, and the one child of this union is a winsome daughter, Beatrice Eleanor, who was born October 25, 1923. The family home in Grand Rapids is at 1117 Lake Drive, southeast.

Transcriber: Mary Huizen
Created: 12 March 2003