Clarence A. Spielmaker

Pg. 399-400 - Clarence A. Spielmaker is the efficient manager of one of the largest general automobile garages in the city of Grand Rapids, that of Spielmaker & Sons, at 1331 Division avenue, south. He is one of the constituent members of the firm, which owns its modern and well-equipped garage building. Andrew J. Spielmaker is the head of the firm, and the other members are his sons, Clarence A., Arthur E., And Frank L. Clarence A. Spielmaker was born at Big Rapids, judicial center of Mecosta county, Michigan, July 6, 1884, and is the eldest of the sons of Andrew J. Spielmaker, who was born and reared in Canada and who was twenty-one years of age when he came to Michigan. Andrew J. Spielmaker, a skilled workman at the trade of blacksmith, first established his residence at Big Rapids, where he was engaged in the work of his trade during a period of ten years. He then came with his family to Grand Rapids, where he was for many years active in the work of his trade and where, in 1919, he became associated with his three sons in establishing the now large and prosperous garage business of the firm of Spielman [sic] and Sons. The large cement building of the firm is modern in all mechanical facilities and general accommodations, and gives a service that is fully appreciated by its many patrons. The public school of Big Rapids and Grand Rapids were the mediums through which Clarence A. Spielmaker acquired his early education. He is an efficient executive, and he has been the manager of the Spielmaker garage from the time of its stablishing to the present. He and other members of the family are communicants of the Catholic Church. Mr. Spielmaker takes lively interest in outdoor sports and as a citizen, he is loyal and progressive. November 6, 1907, he married Miss Anna Knopf, of Big Rapids, her widowed mother being now a resident of South Haven, this state. Mr. and Mrs. Spielmaker have one child, Roy, who was born January 29, 1909.

Transcriber: Mary Huizen
Created: 12 March 2003