Ira N. Spade

Pages 473-474 - Ira N. Spade, president of Spade Tire Company, 7 Fulton street, west, was born in Summit county, Ohio, on November 7, 1886. He attended the public schools in that county until he reached the age of thirteen years, when he found it necessary to leave the schoolroom and seek employment. The very names of the factories in which he secured his early business training speak for his fundamental experience in his chosen line of work when the names of the Goodrich Rubber Company, Goodyear Rubber Company, and Diamond Rubber Company, of Akron, Ohio, are recorded. Considered in connection with the fact that his experience with these companies was gained when they were yet small institutions and the tire industry itself was yet in its infancy, the value of such training is more strongly emphasized. Upon June 1, 1909, Mr. Spade located in Grand Rapids, where he was first employed by J. D. Noble, Grand Rapids Vulcanizing Company, in which work he remained for four years. Then Mr. Spade, with Amel Tisch and Oliver Goldsmith, organized the Auto Tire and Vulcanizing Company at 10 and 12 Island street, now Western street. For three years, Mr. Spade held the position of v ice-president with that company. In 1916 Mr. Spade more ambitiously reached out in his line of work by establishing the Spade Vulcanizing Company at 7 Fulton street, west, and in April, 1924, organized the Spade Company, Inc., with Vincent G. McCourt as secretary and treasurer. With the foundation heretofore outlined, the experience he had gained and the ability shown in this line, Mr. Spade has become recognized as an expert on tires and his advice and service is sought wherever special information is desired upon this subject. In addition to his business duties Mr. Spade finds time to devote active support to the B. P. O. Elks and to his home life, he having married Miss Grace McCourt, October 14, 1908, at Akron, Ohio. He brought his bride to Grand Rapids with him in the following year and established his home in this city. They have one son, Robert William, born November 14, 1922.

Transcriber:  Nancy Myers
Created:  2 October 2003