George N. Snyder

George N. Snyder. From office boy to president of the Grand Rapids Paper Box company is the summation of the career of George N. Snyder in the city’s industrial life, yet to so epitomize his business life is to overlook the years of patient endeavor, the dauntless courage, and the singleness of purpose which has driven the man to attain his goal, that of head of one of the large manufacturing concerns of Grand Rapids. His parents were early residents of Grand Rapids, his father, John A. Snyder, settling there in 1852 after coming from New York to carry on his trade of piano maker. His mother, Cleona Hardy, was a native of that state, where her son has reached so high in business. George N. Snyder, one of a family of seven children was born August 20, 1874, in Grand Rapids. He attended the graded and high schools of the city of his birth and from 1895 to 1896 he studied at Albion College. That year in college concluded his educational career, and at the age of fifteen, he sought and found employment with the Grand Rapids Paper Box Company as office boy. Patient merit was its own reward and George Snyder was steadily advanced through the various departments of the concern until his ability, not to be denied by even the most biased, won him a place in the executive branch of the company. Even then his progress was unchecked, and today he holds the highest position in the company, that of president. That he has gained this high position, that his executive ability has aided so materially in the progress of the concern, ranks him among the leading manufacturers in Grand Rapids, where his entire life has been spent. He married Alice A. Bragg, a member of a family that came from London, England, and they have two children, Margaret E. and Phillip B.

Pages 215-216 – History of Kent County

Transcriber: Mary Huizen
Created: 7 February 2003