Edward L. Sikkema

Edward L. Sikkema, manager of Madison Square Branch of the Grand Rapids Savings Bank, was born in Grand Rapids, November 4, 1898. His parents, John and Lena (Oosterhouse) Sikkema, were both natives of the Netherlands. The father came to the United States when seventeen years of age, and the mother was brought to this country when five years of age. The father was engaged in the retail meat business in Grand Rapids until 1900, when he moved to Paris township of Kent county. In 1917 he returned to Grand Rapids, where he lives retired. Edward L. attended the public schools in Paris township, supplementing that preliminary education with correspondence and night school courses. He began his service and his training in the financial world at the bottom rung of the ladder as a messenger boy in the Madison Square Branch of the Grand Rapids Savings Bank in 1914. In July, 1917, he laid aside his work to respond to the call of his country and enlisted in the United States Navy and served throughout the World war on the U. S. S. Mississippi until December, 1918. After the war he returned to the bank, where he had been gaining his financial training, and has gradually worked up the various rungs of the financial ladder from messenger boy to the managership of the bank. His success shows not only courage but the ability of American youth to make good in important tasks. He is an active member of the American Legion. He was married to Miss Tilla. Vandenberg, of Grand Rapids, on September 15, 1921, and they have one daughter, Lois Jean, born May 19, 1923.


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