Seymour-Muir Printing Company

Seymour-Muir Printing Company, Grand Rapids, Michigan, is a long established firm dating back in its history into the early days of the community. There are instances of which we have one in this narrative, where the records and achievements of a family are so intricately interwoven into the business which they have established and built up that the best way to record the story of the family is to tell the story of the business. James D. Muir, president of this company, was born in Grand Rapids on January 27, 1864. His father, John Muir, a very active pioneer of Grand Rapids, is mentioned elsewhere in this work. James D. Muir acquired his education in the public and high schools of Grand Rapids. He began while yet in his boyhood to learn the printerís trade. In 1887 Mr. Muir and Charles B. Seymour, another important pioneer in the printing industry in Grand Rapids, but now retired and living in California, became associated in the printing business, and in 1890 took charge of the Eaton-Lynn & Allen Printing Company. In 1900 the name of that business was changed to the present name of Seymour-Muir Printing Company. Later when Mr. Seymour left the company to engage in the lumber business William H. Muir became associated with his brother as secretary-treasurer of the company, which position he still holds. 1n May, 1925, this company located in its new building at the corner of Ottawa and Trobridge street, erected by the Ethridge Printing Company and the Seymour-Muir Company. James D. Muir is a member of the Highland Country Club. Mr. Muir was married to Miss Gertrude Wheeler of Grand Rapids and to this union was born one child James D., Jr. Mr. and Mrs. Muir are active members of the Park Congregational Church. William H. Muir, the brother of James D. Muir, heretofore mentioned was likewise born in Grand Rapids, on August 16, 1859. Since 1901 he has been associated as secretary and treasurer of the Seymour Printing Company. William H. received his early education in the schools of Grand Rapids and then for years was engaged in the printing business. He is a member of the Masonic order. On May 24, 1887, he was joined in wedlock with Miss Clara Alice Bellamy of Grand Rapids. Their children are Hazel Caroline, a graduate of Grand Rapids high school and also a graduate of the Conservatory of Music from Oberlin College (Ohio), where she received the degree of Bachelor of Music. She is the wife of James B. Watkins of Grand Rapids. William Wallace Muir, a graduate of Grand Rapids high school, graduated from the University of Michigan in 1921 with a degree of A. B. He is now manager of the Grand Rapids Label Company, owned by the Seymour-Muir Printing Company, manufacturers of gummed advertising stickers, labels and embossed seals. This young man is likewise a member of the Masonic order. During the World war he was a student in the University of Michigan. He is a member of the Phi Sigma Kappa college fraternity and Cascade Hills Country Club. While he was a student in the University of Michigan he majored in business administration and by education and experience is well qualified to fill the position which he now holds in the printing company in building up this label business.

Transcriber: Nancy Lesser
Created: 4 March 2003