Milo Schuitema

Page 357-358 - Milo Schuitema, president of Tisch-Hine Company, Inc., office outfitters and manufacturing stationers, 237-239 Pearl street, Grand Rapids, Michigan, is an active factor in his important line of commercial activity. He was born in the Netherlands on February 23, 1884. At the age of five years he was brought to Grand Rapids, Michigan, by his parents, Albert and Emma (Boerema) Schuitema. His father, Albert Schuitema, is a lumber inspector and he now lives in Grand Rapids, at the age of sixty-three, with his wife, who is now sixty years of age. They are active members of Burton Heights Christian Reformed church. Milo, the eldest and the subject of this record, Jennie and Anna, the three of the ten children of this worthy couple born in the parents' native country, and the remaining seven children who were born in the United States were Jacob, Fred, Nellie (who died at the age of twenty-eight years), Joseph, Edna (who died at the age of four), Alfred (who died at the age of five), and Emma (who died in 1924). Milo Schuitema, the subject of this record, attended school in Grand Rapids until fourteen years old. In 1898 he took a position with excellent foundation for the work which he was later to initiate and develop. Out of the Grand Rapids Lithographing Company grew the Edwards-Hine Company, organized in 1900, and that developed in 1908 into the Tisch-Hine Company, under the management of Julius Tisch.  Mr. Schuitema started in at the bottom rung of the ladder in this business and worked himself up through various positions with the company until in 1919 he was made president of the company and is now the principal holder of the stock of this present corporation. Mr. Schuitema has found some time which he could spare from his regular business duties for energy and ability to other works. He is a director in the Home State Bank for Savings; and officer and director in the Wheeler-Van Label Company; a director of the Citizens Company, and in response to the call for civic duty is a trustee for the Village of East Grand Rapids. Fraternally he is a member of Doris Lodge, No 342, A. F. & A.M., a Knight Templar and member of Saladin Temple of the Mystic Shrine at Grand Rapids. He recognizes the mission of the civic clubs by membership in the Peninsular and Rotary Clubs. He conforms his recreation to the demands of his strenuous business life by holding membership in both the Highland Country Club and Masonic Country Club. The religious affiliation and activity of himself and family are with the Fountain Street Baptist church. He was married on June 8, 1907, to Miss Pearl Williams, who is a native of Grand Ledge, Michigan. They have two children, Donald, born January 4, 1909, who is now a sophomore in Central high school at Grand Rapids, and Frances, born April 7, 1912, a student in East Grand Rapids school. Mr. Schuitema has not only been successful financially but has achieved a recognized place as an active leader in both the business and civic life of Grand Rapids and East Grand Rapids.

Transcriber: Terry Start
Created: 4 March 2003