Albert Ryskamp

Page 341b - Albert Ryskamp is one of the constituent members of the firm of Ryskamp Brothers, which has priority as being the largest concern engaged in the retail meat business in Grand Rapids, where it maintains three large and well equipped markets that give the best of metropolitan service and control a large a large and representative supporting patronage. Of the scope and importance of the business adequate record is given on other pages of this publication, in the personal sketch of Jacob Ryskamp, the executive head of the firm, besides which this volume gives also a sketch of the life of Henry H. Ryskamp, father of the progressive young men who constitute the firm of Ryskamp Brothers. Albert Ryskamp has the active managerial supervision of the firmís market at 742 Franklin street, southeast, the same being in a building that was erected by the brothers in 1922. Albert Ryskamp was born in Grand Rapids, June 19, 1898, and in the public schools of his native city he continued his studies until he had duly profited by the advantages of the high school. His association with the meat market business has been continuous since he initiated his activities in connection with the practical affairs of life, and he is known as one of the sterling young business men of his native city. He and his wife hold membership in the Methodist Episcopal church. June 20, 1922, was marked by the marriage of Mr. Ryskamp to Miss Cora Jacobson, daughter of Anthony Jacobson, who resides at Manistee, this state, his wife being deceased. Dorothy, the only child of Mr. And Mrs. Ryskamp, was born June 20, 1924, and died within a short time thereafter.

Transcriber: John Miller
Created: 22 March 2003