Louis A. Roller, M.D.

Pg.342b - Louis A. Roller, M. D., who is now living retired from the active practice of his profession, with a beautiful home at 446 Paris avenue, southeast, Grand Rapids, was here engaged in successful practice as a specialist in the diagnosis and treatment of diseases of the eye, ear, nose and throat during a period of nearly thirty years, and here is now the dean in his special domain of professional activity. Dr. Roller early gained fellowship with unpropitious circumstance and even adversity, but his youthful courage and self-reliance never faltered and he pressed forward to the mark of his high ambition and thoroughly qualified himself for the work of his exacting profession, which has been honored alike by his character and his able service during a long period of years. Dr. Roller was born in New York City, February 23, 1855, and is a son of William and Louise Roller, concerning whom he knows little save that they were born in Germany. The Doctor was seven years old at the time of his mother’s death, and soon afterward his father disappeared, the Doctor having no knowledge of what became of him thereafter. Under such conditions of virtually double orphanage, it can well be understood that the character of Dr. Roller was moulded in the school of adversity and self-reliance. He was but a child when he was thrown upon his own resources, but he proved equal to the responsibilities that devolved upon him, provided through personal effort the means to acquire a through academic and professional education, and in the passing years gained large and worthy success in his chosen sphere of service. He was a lad of eleven years when he came to Michigan, in 1866, and here he was able to attend the public schools at Greenville and to make himself eligible for service as a teacher. He taught three winter terms in the district schools, and in the intervening summer seasons found employment at farm work, besides finding time to take up in a preliminary way the reading of medical textbooks. After passing one year as a student in the medical department of the University of Michigan, he entered in1879, the celebrated Rush Medical College, Chicago, in which he was graduated as a member of the class of 1881. After thus receiving his degree of Doctor of Medicine he established himself in practice at Edmore, Montcalm county, Michigan. His period of struggle was not yet over, for his available funds were in evidence only by their absence, and like every young physician, he had to prove his ability and build up a practice by somewhat slow degrees. Ability, fidelity and loyal and able professional stewardship eventually brought him to a goodly measure of success, and after nine years of general practice he determined to fortify himself for work as a specialist in diseases of the eye, ear, nose and throat. To compass this end he became assistant to Dr. Lundy, a well known specialist and authority in these diseases, and under the such effective preceptorship, in the city of Detroit, he admirably equipped himself, besides taking post-graduate work in leading institutions and clinics in New York City, and a special course in the Chicago Polyclinic. In the spring of 1891 Dr. Roller initiated practice in Grand Rapids as a specialist in the diseases of the eye, ear, nose and throat. He built up a large and representative practice in this special field of professional service, and in the same gained recognized priority. He continued in active practice until 1920, since which year he has lived retired in this city, secure in financial independence that is a just reward for his earnest labors, and held in high popular estimation by reason of his sterling character and worthy achievement. The Doctor was for a number of years an active and valued member of the staff of Butterworth Hospital, and is now an honorary member , as is he also of the Kent County Medical Society. His professional affiliations have included also his membership in the Michigan State Medical Society and the American Medical Association, besides which he was for ten years a member of the Grand Rapids board of health, of which he was president the last two years. He still retains membership in the American Academy of Ophthalmology and Oto-Laryngology, and has served as secretary and president of Grand Rapids Academy of Medicine. Dr. Roller is a life member of York Lodge, No. 410, Ancient Free & Accepted Masons, and has membership also in Columbian Chapter, Royal Arch Masons. He is a past chancellor of the Knights of Pythias and a member of the Grand Rapids lodge of Elks. He gives political allegiance to the Republican party, and he and his wife are attendants of the Baptist church. April 10, 1884, was marked by the marriage of Dr. Roller to Miss Carrie Gibbs, daughter of the late Josiah H. Gibbs, who was a representative lumberman at Edmore, Montcalm county. Dr. and Mrs. Roller have one daughter, Nellie Louise, who is the wife of Dr. Alden H. Williams, a representative physician and surgeon engaged in practice in Grand Rapids. Dr. and Mrs. Williams have their home adjacent to that of Dr. Roller, and the latter finds great satisfaction in exercising his privileges as a doting grandfather of the four children of Dr. and Mrs. Williams—Helen Louise, Louis, Alice and Richard.

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