Henry Riechel

Page 349 - Henry Riechel has been a resident of Grand Rapids nearly forty years and has gained precedence as one of the leading representatives of the retail drug business in this city. He is president of the corporation that conducts three well equipped and distinctly metropolitan drug stores in Grand Rapids. Mr. Riechel was born in the city of Chicago, and his early education was obtained in the public schools of that great metropolis, where also he availed himself of the advantages of a leading business college. For several years he was employed as a bookkeeper and accountant, and upon coming to Grand Rapids he took a position in the Thum Brothers drug establishment, where he remained four years and gained the experience that made him eligible for service as a registered pharmacist. In 1891 he became associated with Hugo Thum in the drug store at 166 Bridge street, which had been operated by the Thum family for thirty years. In 1897 Mr. Riechel took over the business, in 1898 he opened the Ideal Pharmacy, on Stocking street, and in 1910 established the third store, at the corner of Scribner and Bridge streets, the following year having been marked by the incorporation of the business under the title of Henry Riechel Drug Company. Mr. Riechel has since continued to be the president of this staunch and progressive corporation. He has always been interested in the welfare of Grand Rapids and during the years 1904 to 1907 inclusive, was a member of the city board of education.

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