Alfred Day Rathbone II, page 664

was born in Grand Rapids on June 14, 1842. He attended the public schools in this city and in 1856, after the death of his father, he went to work in the store conducted by his uncle, Amos Rathbone. He remained an employe of his uncle until 1866, and in this year he and Amos Rathbone purchased the famous Gypsum Quarries at Grand Rapids. In 1882 they made a contract with the Alabastine Company to supply rock from their quarries for a period of five years. In 1886, as provided in the contract with the company, the quarries were sold to the Alabastine owners. Mr Rathbone then became manager, secretary and treasurer of the consolidated interest which included the Alabastine Corporation and other smaller concerns. Mr Rathbone was, for several years, secretary, treasurer and manager of the Anti-Kalsomine Company, and president of the Aldine Manufacturing Company, makers of patent grates and mantels. He also was a director of the Fourth National Bank of Grand Rapids, and served that organization as a member of the discount committee. In 1867 he married Orcelia Adams, of Lunchburg, Virginia. Mr. Rathbone died in 1902, leaving one son, Alfred D. Rathbone III.

Transcriber: Gloria Paas
Created: 22 March 2003