Theodore Petersen

Page 467 - Theodore Petersen, proprietor of Petersen Drug Stores at 137 East Fulton street and at the corner of State and Madison streets was born in Muskegon, Michigan, on January 25, 1889. He passed through the consecutive grades to his graduation from the high school at Muskegon with the class of 1907. He then continued a course in technical training and was graduated from the Practical Institute of Pharmacy at Marlette, Michigan, in 1912. He entered upon his work in this profession with the Schrouder Drug Store Company with whom he continued for seven years. In 1915 he embarked in business for himself by opening a drug store at 137 East Fulton street. There he met with sufficient success that in January, 1924, he opened a second store at the corner of State and Madison streets. On October 5, 1925, these drug stores were incorporated under the name of Petersen’s Drug Stores, Inc., his brother, Walter A. Petersen, being now associated with him in this company as vice-president and Mrs. Theo. Petersen, his wife, secretary and treasurer, and Theodore Petersen president. Mr. Petersen is a member of the York Lodge 410, F. & A. M., Masonic Country Club, Grand Rapids Lions Club and the Association of Commerce. He enlarges his professional experience by contact with others in his line of work, through an active membership in the Michigan State Pharmaceutical Association and the American Retail Druggists’ Association. His religious affiliation is with the Trinity Lutheran Church. He is also a member of Columbian Chapter R. A. M. In 1914 Mr. Petersen was united in marriage to Miss Ella Schultze, a native of Grand Rapids, and daughter of Theodore and Augusta Schultze. Her mother Mrs. Augusta Schultze is well known in Grand Rapids, as she conducted a millinery store in this city for practically fifty years and recently retired at the age of seventy-four years. Mr. Schultze died in 1900. Mr. and Mrs. Petersen have two daughters, Louise, born June 13, 1915, and Dorothy, born April 12, 1921.

Transcriber:  Nancy Myers
Created: 21 August  2003