S. Hugh Paine

Page 339a - S. Hugh Paine, founder and proprietor of the S. Hugh Paine Advertising Service , advertising and selling council at 210 Federal Square building, was born in New York City on April 3, 1882. He was left an orphan at a very early age, and when six years old was brought to Pittsburg, Michigan, by his uncle, the Rev. S. A. Manwell, and wife. Rev. Manwell was a minister of the Wesleyan Methodist church. Mr. Paine took his preliminary educational work and was graduated from the Pittsburg (Michigan) high school and then received further education from Wheaton (Illinois) College, from which institution he was graduated in 1904 with a degree of A. B. He began his successful business career by handling stock for the J. W. Butler Paper Co., 212 Monroe street, Chicago. He was in that position for about nine months when he was promoted to be assistant to the chief correspondent. In the fall of 1905 he came to Grand Rapids, and here he has continuously made his home except for a period from 1909 to 1914, when he was at Battle Creek, Michigan. Mr. Paine was first employed as estimator for a printing house in Grand Rapids, until he went to Battle Creek in 1909 as estimator for the Gage Printing Company, one of the best known concerns in the printing field in Michigan. In 1914, upon his return to Grand Rapids, he took charge of the service department for a large printing plant in this city and remained there until the fall of 1915, when he established his present business, under the name of S. Hugh Paine. In the course of successful expansion of that business the title became S. Hugh Paine Advertising Service. Mr. Paine is state president of the Gideons; and an active member of the Turner Avenue Methodist church, and the Grand Rapids Motor Club. He was joined in marriage in 1906 to Wilfrieda Fischer, of Wheaton, Illinois. This worthy couple have a very splendid family of nine children: Stephen W., who is a graduate of Walker township, Kent county, District No. 11 school, and who entered Wheaton college in the fall of 1925; Alvin J.; S. Hugh, Jr.; Mary E.; Paul N.; Henry J.; F. Geraldine, David L., and Ruth W. Paine.

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