Simon Oosse

Page 604-605 - Simon Oosse, of the Automatic Blue Printing concern, long the only concern of its kind in Grand Rapids, and one of two firms of its particular line in the community, stands out as having thereby contributed another industry to the long roster of business activities in this community. Mr. Oosse was born at Grand Haven, Michigan on July 18, 1890, but was brought by his parents to Grand Rapids when a babe of six weeks old, though he has been reared, educated and arrived at the present stage of his business success in this city. His father, John, and mother, Marie (Hage) Oosse, were both natives of the Netherlands, but came to Grand Haven, Michigan in 1880. The father was a shoe dealer and now lives in Grand Rapids, retired at the age of sixty-six years. The mother died on July 15, 1905, and was buried on July 18, the twenty-fifth birthday anniversary of her son, Simon, the subject of this narrative. His worthy parents had ten children, nine of whom are now living. Simon received his education in the public schools of Grand Rapids and then entered upon his business career as a surveyor, which work he followed for several years. In 1915 he established the enterprise heretofore mentioned, in automatic blue printing, and now has an extensive business built up in that work, located at 537-538-539 Houseman building. During the World war Mr. Oosse made blue prints for the army and aircraft service and thus rendered a considerable service. Mr. Oosse is a member of the Bethany Reformed church and the Lions Club. He was married on September 2, 1915, to Miss Marian Snyder, of Grand Rapids, Michigan. They have two children, Juanita Lois, born on September 26, 1918, and Beverly Jane, born on January 22, 1921.

Transcriber:  Nancy Myers
Created: 21 December 2002