Albert J. Nydam

p.334b - Albert J. Nydam, of the firm of Nydam & Oole, Grand Rapids sheet metal and heating engineers, at 950 Fulton street East, is a native of the Netherlands, born on April 10, 1897. His father and mother, Mr. And Mrs. John Renske Nydam, came to grand Rapids in 1904. His mother passed beyond on November 11, 1909, at he age of forty-nine years, but his father is still living in Grand Rapids, now retired at the age of sixty-five years. This worthy couple had ten children, eight of whom are now living. Albert Nydam received his preliminary education in the parochial schools of Grand Rapids. In 1917 he engaged in the sheet metal and hardware business with John Verheek. He continued with a successful career in this business until 1918 when the present company was organized. The members of this firm are Albert J. Nydam and Frank Oole. Mr. Nydam is a member of the Berton Heights Christian Reformed church. He was united in matrimony on July 17, 1917, with Marie Barlow, a native of Chicago. This couple have been blessed with two children, Wilma Irene, born April 7, 1921, and James, born on March 15, 1924.

Transcriber: John Miller
Created: 4 March 2003