William McKay Northrup, M. D.

 Page 623-624 - William McKay Northrup, M. D., has been engaged in the practice of his profession since 1894, and has specialized in internal medicine since 1911. He was one of the organizers of the Grand Rapids Clinic, with which he serves as internist, and he has served on the staffs of Butterworth, Blodgett, and St. Maryís Hospitals. The doctor has maintained an advanced position in his profession and has taken effective post-graduate courses in Rush Medical College, Chicago, as well as in leading medical schools, hospitals and clinics in Edinburgh, Scotland; London, England, and Breslau, Prussia. Dr. Northrup is one of the successful and representative physicians of Grand Rapids and is well entitled to recognition in this publication. Dr. William McKay Northrup was born at Fingal, near the city of St. Thomas, province of Ontario, Canada, in December, 1866, and is the son of William and Christina (McKay) Northrup. The Northrup family came from England and settled in the state of New York. During the rebellion Dr. Northrupís grandfather, being a United-empire loyalist, moved to Canada, where William Northrup, Dr. Northrupís father was born. He married Miss Christina McKay, whose parents were of the Scotch Highland stock, the McKay family having early been established at Woodstock, Ontario, Canada. Dr. Northrup gained most of his early education in the public schools of the county in which he lived and the high school at Sarnia, Ontario. In preparation for his chosen profession he entered the historic Trinity College, in the medical department of which he was a student three years, his final studies having been prosecuted in the medical department of Western University at London, Ontario, in which he was graduated as a member of the class of 1894. After thus receiving his degree of doctor of medicine he came to Michigan and engaged in practice at Freeport, Barry county, later having been in practice at Clarksville, Ionia county, whence, in 1899, he came to Grand Rapids, in which broader and metropolitan field he has developed a large and representative practice in his special domain of internal medicine, his being also exceptional ability as a diagnostician. The doctor is a member of the Kent County Medical society, the Michigan State Medical society, American Medical association, and a Fellow of the American College of Physicians. He and his wife attend the Fountain Street Baptist Church. Mrs. Northrup, whose maiden name was Harriet Salsbury, was a resident of Alto, Kent county, at the time of her marriage. Dr. and Mrs. Northrup have no children.

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