Samuel A. Morman

Page 655-656 -Samuel A. Morman, senior member of the firm of S. A. Morman & Company, and for more than forty years a potent factor in the industrial life of Grand Rapids, was born in Kent county, April 13, 1858, and obtained his education chiefly in the public schools of this city. His father, William Morman, was a native of England and immigrated from thence to Canada in 1834. He came to Kent county, Michigan, in 1836, where he married Elizabeth Jeffords, a native of New England, and they became early residents of Walker township. In about 1856 he became a manufacturer of lime and was for many years an extensive shipper of that product. This business which he established under the name of William Morman, was the beginning of the present S. A. Morman & Company, and he continued to be actively identified with the enterprise until 1884. As a youth Samuel A. Morman manifested unusual business talent and when only sixteen years of age he became associated with his father, and has since been identified with this enterprise. In 1883 he became a partner in the business and the name became William Morman & Son. In 1884 he purchased his fatherís interest and the name was changed to S. A. Morman. Later Martin Lowerse became associated with the business and the name became S. A. Morman & Company, to which organization William B. Steele was later admitted. The concern is one of the leading industries of its kind in Grand Rapids, and its status has long been on of prominence in connection with the representative industrial activities of the country. Besides his connection with this business Mr. Morman is interested in numerous other enterprises and his progressive spirit is evident in many ways. He is a director in the Grand Rapids National Bank, vice-president of the American Box and Board Company, vice-president of the Wilmarth & Morman Company, and a director in the Wilmarth Showcase Company. He also finds time and opportunity to give effective co-operation in movements for the social and material betterment of the community and has ever stood as an exponent of the best type of civic loyalty and progressiveness. He is a member of the Peninsular and the Kent Country Clubs, and is prominent in both business and social circles. Mr. Morman was married in 1886 to Miss Ada Wilmarth, of Grand Rapids, and to this union were born two children: Helen, who is the wife of H. P. Dix, manager of the Wilmarth & Morman Company, and Florence, the wife of William B. Steele, junior member of S. A. Morman & Company. Mrs. Morman, the mother of this family, died April 4, 1919, and in October 1922, Mr. Morman married Mary P. St. John, of Orange, New Jersey.

Transcriber: Nancy Myers
Created: 17 January 2004