Frank D. McKay

Frank D. McKay was born in West Grand Rapids, Michigan, November 4, 1883. His father was of Scotch descent and his mother of German descent. He attended the Grand Rapids Public Schools and Union High School through the eleventh grade. In beginning his business career Mr. McKay worked in several furniture factories of Grand Rapids and in this period as an iron moulder in the American Seating Company. He attended MacLaughlan’s Business College of Grand Rapids, his next venture was as a salesman for the Grand Rapids Fire Insurance Agency, and he has continued in the Fire Insurance business until the present time. For a time he was engaged in the foreign exchange, buying and selling foreign moneys, principally Russian and Austrian. He conducted the steamship agency on the West Side for about ten years. Then he entered the real estate business and has build approximately three or four hundred houses in the city of Grand Rapids. He has also platted several sub-divisions, which involved quite large investments. He served in the circuit court of this county as assignment clerk for about fifteen years and during part of this time, he was engaged as deputy county clerk under Ralph Mosher, and also under Robert Hill. He has been engaged in the automobile tire business for about nine years and at the present time is the sole owner of the Akron Tire Corporation. He was married eighteen years ago to Agnes Hermanson of Grand Rapids. They have two children, a boy and a girl, and reside at 411 Morris Avenue, S.E. Mr. McKay was also engaged in the lumber business being half owner of the McKay Lumber Company, which was recently purchased by the Quality Lumber Company, of which he is now treasurer. He is the Owner of the McKay Building Company, which is engaged in the building of residences in Grand Rapids. He is a director of the Grand Rapids Automobile Club. He was secretary of the Republican county committee for many years and was elected treasurer of the State of Michigan in November 1924, taking office on January 1, 1925. He is also a director of the Kent County Savings Association.

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Transcriber: Mary Huizen
Created: 7 February 2003