William R. McCaslin

Page 593-594 - William R. McCaslin. Although numbered among the later attorneys of Grand Rapids, William R. McCaslin of the law firm of Mason, Cox and McCaslin, has proven his ability as an advocate and is well upholding the honors of his profession. He was born in Edesville, Kent county, Maryland, May 10, 1896, and is a son of Charles and Mary (Peregay) McCaslin. His early education was obtained in the public schools of his native state and Belair Academy, graduating from the latter institution with the class of 1909. He later matriculated at the University of Maryland and was graduated from that institution in 1915 with the degree of Bachelor or Arts. Soon afterward he accepted a position with the Maryland Casualty Company, with headquarters at Detroit, and it was while serving as a representative and insurance attorney for this corporation that he became thoroughly versed in the casualty problems. Having determined upon the practice of law as a life work, Mr. McCaslin later entered the Detroit College of Law where he completed a law course in 1924. In May of that year he became a member of the law firm of Mason, Cox & McCaslin, and has since been one of the active factors of this organization. The firm composed of Stephen T. Mason, A. Amer Cox and William R. McCaslin, has its main office in the city of Detroit, though a branch office is maintained in Grand Rapids, of which Mr. McCaslin is the resident partner in this city. The firm is one of the largest and most successful law insurance organizations in the state of Michigan and represents a majority of the largest casualty corporations in the United States. In the legal, as in other professions, the volume of intricate problems to be solved and the variety of activities presented to the practitioner have become so many that specialization has become an important order of this generation. Mr. McCaslin has not only prepared and proven himself an able advocate in the general practice of law, but he has thoroughly prepared himself in insurance law, especially relative to the duties, liabilities and problems of casualty corporations. He is recognized as an authority along these lines, and although but twenty-nine years old, few attorneys of Grand Rapids have made a more lasting impression for both professional ability of a high order and for individuality of a genial personal character. He is a member of the Grand Rapids and Michigan State Bar Association, is a thirty-second degree Mason and a member of the Sigma Nu Chi Legal fraternity, and is prominent in both social and professional circles. He was married June 29, 1921, to Miss Cordelia Best, of Saginaw, Michigan, a woman of engaging personality and their home at 711 Lafayette avenue, southeast, is a hospitable one, where their friends are always welcome.

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