Fred C. Matthews

Page 467-468 - Fred C. Matthews, of the firm of Pringle-Matthews Company, Delco-Light, Frigidaire Distributors (Main office, Dayton, Ohio), 18 Fulton street, west, Grand Rapids, Michigan, is the head of the above named firm which opened up business in December, 1920, to distribute the modern methods of individual and home lighting plants and more recently developed refrigeration. Some time after this business was opened up in 1920 Mr. Pringle and Mr. Matthews dissolved their association and Claud L. Winter became a partner of Mr. Matthews in 1923. Fred C. Matthews was born at Thompson, Geauga county, Ohio, about forty miles from the city of Cleveland, Ohio, on October 20, 1877. When fourteen years of age he moved to Jackson, Michigan with his parents. His early education was received in Thompson and Galion, Ohio, schools. He was graduated from the Jackson high school and then continued his education in the literary department of the University of Michigan where he spent three years, but was obliged to give up his college activities on account of failing eyesight. He then entered in business with his father, George A. Matthews, under the firm name of Jackson Automobile Company, in 1907, and there continued in business with a growing success, expanding experience and increasing mechanical knowledge until December, 1920, when he came to Grand Rapids. Here with R. A. Pringle he opened up the distributing agency of the Delco-Light Products for western Michigan. This work has given him a wide opportunity, which he has in no wise neglected. Mr. Matthews is a Free Mason and holds his membership in Jackson, and is a member of Saladin Temple Shrine of Grand Rapids, Michigan, and of the Lions Club of Grand Rapids. He and his wife are active members of Trinity M. E. Church. On October 25, 1900, he married Miss Harriet Greenwood of Jackson, Michigan. They have one son George E., born November 1, 1907, and now a senior of Central high school of Grand Rapids, Michigan. Mr. Matthews and family reside at 1219 Thomas street.

Transcriber:  Nancy Myers
Created: 21 August  2003