Stephen C. MacNeil

 Page 635-636 - Stephen C. MacNeil, who was formerly vice-president and treasurer of the C. J. Litscher Electric Company, is one of the aggressive and public-spirited young business men of Grand Rapids who has made his way to prominence and honorable prestige through his own well-directed energy and efforts. He has had such a varied business career that he frankly states it would consume too much space in this work to cover it, though he has admitted that he left home at the age of thirteen years; has worked for a Chinese laundry; shined shoes; sold newspapers; worked as bell-boy; later as head bell-man for a large resort hotel; then as messenger boy in a railroad office at Grand Rapids; was promoted five times in two years; got the wanderlust and worked for five other different railroads during the next few years; then procured a position as purser on a freight and passenger boat in Coeur D’Alene, Idaho. After the newness of the glorious West had worn off Mr. MacNeil returned to Chicago and took the position of chief clerk and cashier for the New York Central Railroad at the Grand Crossing station, where he remained until 1909, when he returned to Grand Rapids and for the ensuing sixteen years was in the wholesale electric and supply business in the capacity of vice-president and treasurer. He is at present forming a new electrical jobbing house in Grand Rapids, which was opened January 1 1926, and with his experience and his acquaintance with the trade in this field of activity, it is believed his success in this enterprise is assured. Mr. MacNeil was born at Petoskey, Michigan, in 1885, and is a son of John and Emma (Hatt) MacNeil, the former of whom was a native of Canada and a pioneer of northern Michigan, having settled at Petoskey, in 1873, and the latter of whom was a native of Chesaning, Michigan. The father was a contractor and builder by occupation, and the major portion of the early buildings in Bay View, Michigan, were built by him. He also built the first wharf at Petoskey for the Kirby company. The early educational advantages of Stephen C. MacNeil were those afforded by the public and normal schools of his native town, and though experience has been his supreme teacher, he has become well informed and is a man of comprehensive knowledge along many lines. During the many years of his residence in Grand Rapids he has proven himself a man of sagacity and probity, and has contributed materially to the commercial prestige of the city, as well as to its civic and social affairs. He is a member of the village council of East Grand Rapids, his place of residence, and is also a member of the Grand Rapids Association of Commerce. He is a Mason, a Shriner, and an Elk, and both he and his family are members of the Trinity Methodist Episcopal Church. Mr. MacNeil married Miss Anna Louise Leveck, of Petoskey, Michigan, a woman of engaging personality and a daughter of Jacob and Anna (Mosel) Leveck, who were pioneers of that community and are both now deceased. Mr. and Mrs. MacNeil have two children, Stephen Leveck and Mary Louise MacNeil. The family home is at 533 Gladstone avenue, southeast, and is a hospitable one, where their friends are always welcome.

Transcriber: Nancy Myers
Created: 6 January 2003