Charles B. Macauley

Charles B. Macauley is the senior executive of Macauley Brothers Company, one of the most successful heating companies in Grand Rapids for many years. Until its incorporation in 1925 under the name of "Grand Rapids Macauley Brothers, Inc.", this firm, in recent years, consisted of Charles B. Macauley, George W. Macauley, Harold M. Macauley and Glen P. Macauley. This business was the successor of one of the oldest firms in this line of work in the city, established in 1888 by Charles B. Macŕuley, who was later joined by his brother, John J. Macauley, who is spoken of more at length elsewhere in this work. After some fourteen years of their association, Charles B. Macauley purchased the interest of his brother and continued the business alone. Charles B. Macauley was born in Terre Haute, Indiana, on August 29, 1856. He attended the public schools in that city. His father, James Macauley, was a pioneer carriage maker, who came to Terre Haute in the early days and started a shop. About 1873 he moved with his family to Chicago. Charles B. Macauley prepared himself for the steamfitting trade and in 1888 came to Grand Rapids. Since then he has played a prominent part in mechanical and business circles of this city. His fraternal connections are with the Masonic order. In 1884 he was married to Miss Anna Powell, of Waukegan, Illinois, and they are the parents of four children and have numerous grandchildren. George W. Macauley, the eldest son of the family, was born in 1885 and educated in the public schools of Grand Rapids. In 1900 he became associated with his father in business. He married Miss Emma Hobart and they have two children, Robie and Charles. The second son, Glen P., likewise associated with his father, was born in 1893 and educated in the public schools and high school of Grand Rapids. In July, 1917, he responded to the call of his country and enlisted in the navy. He served throughout the World war and was discharged in 1919. His wife was Myrtle Tracey. The youngest son, Harold, was born in 1897 and was educated in the public schools in Grand Rapids and worked for a short time as a telegraph operator. In 1916 he became a member of his father’s firm, now the corporation. In June, 1917, he enlisted in the service of his country and served through the World war until September, 1919, with the Atlantic fleet. He married Miss Marion Boyle and they have one son, Harold, Jr. Mabel, the second child and only daughter of the Macauley family, was born in 1887 and is the wife of Morris Hoag, of Grand Rapids. Their children are Robert, Helen, William and Mary. In addition to the long and successful business career of the Macauley Brothers Company, this family established and were the sole owners of the Grand Rapids Welding Supply Company, organized in 1920. The Macauley family has not only achieved a material success and contributed substantially to the business development of their community, but by the close co-operation and association of father and sons have set a splendid example of the possibilities of a congenial family circle.

Transcriber: Nancy Lesser
Created: 4 March 2003