Daniel G. Lyzen

Page 462-463 - Daniel G. Lyzen was, before his death, one of the ablest morticians of Grand Rapids. He combined scientific training with diplomacy and his work was characterized by a scrupulous regard for the sensibilities of the members of the family of a deceased person and for the privileges of the other mourners and funeral attendants. He handled the details of a funeral so that they moved with precision and system yet in a manner not detracting from the solemnity of the occasion. He was born of Dutch parents in Holland, Michigan, August 27, 1872. His parents, Martin and Johanna (Zalesman) Lyzen, immigrated to the United States from the Netherlands in 1870, settling first at Holland, Michigan, and later at Grand Rapids. There Daniel Lyzen attended school at the Division street grammar school, applying himself to his books with that earnestness and endeavor which characterized his work in later years. He turned his attention to the undertaking business, learning embalming and funeral direction under the careful tutelage of Joseph Sprattler. When he had learned the business in its various phases, he continued with Sprattler for a time as assistant to enhance and perfect his knowledge of undertaking. In 1907, he engaged in the business for himself, first locating at 116 Jefferson street. He later removed to the present site of the business at 53 Jefferson avenue. There he prospered until the time of his death, April 26, 1924, and the expressions of sorrow sent his wife at that time proved an accurate measure of the regard in which he was held by the people of the community where he lived and worked. His wife, Mabelle A. (Klein) Lyzen, was the daughter of Theodore and Caroline (Fosget) Klein, the former of whom was born in Germany and came to the United States with his parents in 1849 when he was a year old, his father dying at sea during the voyage. The Klein family settled in New York, Theodore coming to the state of Michigan when he reached manhood. In Michigan he met and married Caroline Fosget whose family came from France to become honored residents of Detroit. Mrs. Lyzen, since the death of her husband, has continued to operate the business. Her success in this field but swells the total of the number of women who have attempted to do a manís work and achieved their object. Like her husband she is a highly qualified undertaker and embalmer and has excellent equipment for that highly specialized service.

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