John L. Lynch

Page 599-600 - John L. Lynch, president of the Lynch Selling System, Inc., of Grand Rapids, has gained wide reputation as one of the most resourceful, reliable and successful of American sales engineers, and the operations of his well ordered sales organization, in no way identified with other local concerns of somewhat similar title and functioning, have contributed in no small degree to the fame of Grand Rapids, in which city the offices of the Lynch Selling System are established at 209-11 Murray building. John L. Lynch, a son of Daniel and Hannah Lynch, was born at Lindley, Steuben county, New York, July 20, 1876. From an appreciative tribute that appeared in the periodical known as the Michigan Tradesman, are taken the following extracts pertaining to the earlier stages in the career of Mr. Lynch: "He appears to have reached the conclusion quite early in life that all he amounted to would be due to his own endeavor, and acted accordingly. After three years of schooling at the hands of the gentle sisters of his church, he proceeded to learn the A, B, C’s of merchandising under Levi Frank, of Buffalo, New York. After a number of years’ service with Mr. Frank, Mr. Lynch decided that the field was large enough for another entry, so he decided to branch out for himself in merchandising, and selling decrepit and ‘sick’ stocks. He was a success from the start, with the result that he came under the shrewd eye of W. T. Farley, of W. T. Farley & Company, New York city, who conducted a chain of thirty stores. Mr. Lynch took complete charge of this chain of stores for a period of four years, with credit and profit to the Farley Company and – what is still more valuable – with satisfaction to himself. A man of the temperament of Mr. Lynch could not long be kept down by the confines of even a chain of thirty stores. He craved a wider field-scope and a broader field, with the result that he severed his connection with the Farley Company and again embarked in business for himself, in the merchandising field. *** Today, John L. Lynch is known from coast to coast and throughout Canada as the Napoleon of the merchandise line catering to sick business of all kinds throughout North America. Ripe in years of experience at an age when he is in the prime of life, with a strong and winning personality and a keen insight into markets and conditions, he holds the full confidence of those who know him and have had business dealings with him. Mr. Lynch’s wide acquaintance and his reputation as a specialist in his line – the handling of sales for department stores, clothing stores, furniture stores and men’s and women’s ready-to-wear stores – have built up for his admirable organization a clientele second to none in the country. * * * John L. Lynch today stands as a type of all that is best in modern merchandising." In the Lynch Selling System, Mr. Lynch has built up an organization of perfect co-ordination and initiative, and to the same recourse is had by leading merchants who find it expedient to enlist the co-operation of skilled sales engineers. Mr. Lynch has maintained his home and business headquarters in Grand Rapids since 1913, and here he holds membership in the Association of Commerce, and the Peninsular, Cascade and Advertising clubs, besides which he is one of the most enthusiastic and popular members of the Cascade Golf Club. He and his wife are communicants of St. Andrews Catholic church.

Transcriber: Nancy Myers
Created: 13 December 2002