Page 534-535 - Harry E. Loomis, manager of the Grand Rapids branch of the Buick Motor Company, with headquarters at 60 Sheldon street, southeast, is a native of Flint, the Michigan city in which the Buick automobiles are manufactured, and he has long been associated with the exploitation and sale of the motor cars that have contributed much to making Flint an important center of the automobile industry. Prior to entering this field of industrial and commercial enterprise, Colonel Loomis had gained varied experience in other lines of business, and at every stage in his career he has proved effectively his initiative and executive ability. Colonel Harry E. Loomis was born at Flint, Michigan, September 2, 1878, and is a son of Arthur V. and Lillie (Hakes) Loomis, both of whom are deceased. The Loomis family was founded in Michigan in 1830, about seven years prior to the admission of the state of the Union. Colonel Loomis was a child at the time the family removed to Oscoda, Iosco county, and there his public school discipline included that of the high school, he having thereafter been for one year a student in Michigan Agricultural College. During the ensuing three years he was collector and general clerical assistant in a bank at Oscoda, and he next gave a year to service as bookkeeper and collector for Dr. Dryden Lamb, of Owosso, who was his uncle on the maternal side. He was thus engaged at the initiation of the Spanish-American war, and at Owosso he promptly enlisted in the organization that became Company G of the Thirty-third Michigan Volunteer Infantry. While in service with his regiment he suffered an attach of typhoid fever, which was prevalent in the army camp, and the result was that he continued in impaired health until 1900. In that year he took a position in a hardware store at Owosso, and two years later he again contacted typhoid fever, this making him virtually incapacitated during a period of more than a year. He next was associated one year, with the firm of E. J. Cox & Company, of Lapeer, and during the ensuing seven years he was a traveling salesman for a wholesale hardware house in Toledo, Ohio. January 1, 1913, Colonel Loomis joined the Buick Motor Company’s organization in the capacity of territorial traveling representative, and with headquarters at Indianapolis, Indiana. He thus served until he was assigned to service as a special traveling representative of the company, with headquarters in Chicago. In 1919 he was made assistant manager of the company’s branch at Battle Creek, Michigan, in the following year he was there made manager, and he still retains this position, the affairs of which he handles from his headquarters in Grand Rapids. In 1924 he was made manager of the newly established Buick branch at Grand Rapids, and here he has given a progressive and forceful administration that has greatly advanced the business of the company through western Michigan, his territorial jurisdiction including thirty-four counties in this section of the state. When the nation became involved in the World war, in 1917, the Buick, Motor Company gave to Colonel Loomis an indefinite leave of absence, in order that he might give his entire attention to war work. As a member of the general staff in the city of Washington D. C., he gained commission as captain, and at the close of the war he was given the grade of major in the United States Army Reserve Corps. He has been continuously identified with the Michigan National Guard since 1899, and since 1921 he has held in this connection the position of state ordnance officer, with the rank of lieutenant colonel. The Colonel is at the time of this writing commander of the Michigan State Commandery of the Military Order of Foreign Wars, in the American Legion he is past commander of the post at Battle Creek, and he has membership in the Army and Navy Club at Grand Rapids and Battle Creek. He is affiliated with the Masonic fraternity, and at Grand Rapids he has membership in the Peninsular Club and the Cascade Heights County Club. August 3, 1905, Colonel Loomis was united in marriage to Miss Alice Pester, of Lapeer, Michigan, and they have three sons: A. Hubbell, Harold G., and Robert H. The eldest son was graduated from high school at Grand Rapids in 1925, and Harold G. is a member of the high school class of 1926.

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