Rue S. Link

p.330 - Rue S. Link has been a resident of Grand Rapids since 1921, has proved himself a loyal and progressive citizen and has gained rank as one of the representative young business men of Michiganís Valley City, he being here successfully established in the investment banking business, as one of the principals of the corporation of Link, Petter & Company, with headquarters at 605-1/2 Michigan Trust Building. Mr. Link was born at Paris, Edgar county, Illinois, September 26, 1895, and is a son of Edgar H. and Lillian (Coffey) Link, who still reside in that vital little Illinois city, where Edgar H. Link is engaged in the wholesale grocery business. After his graduation in the high school of his native city, Rue S. Link entered the University of Illinois. In the World war period Mr. Link was in active service at Chanute Field, Rantoul, Illinois, where he gained the rank of second lieutenant and where he was made head instructor in the aviation department. After the close of the war he went to Chicago, where he became a salesman with Merrill, Cox & Company, commercial bankers, and was assigned to the branch office in the city of Omaha, Nebraska, whence he was later transferred to Atlanta, Georgia, as manager of the firmís branch office in that city. Upon his return to Chicago he became assistant buyer for this firm, and there he was later associated with Halsey, Stuart & Company. In 1921 Mr. Link came to Grand Rapids and organized the investment banking corporation of Byron, Link & Clark. He later purchased the interests of his associates and then formed a merger with another local concern, the business having since been successfully continued under the title of Link, Petter & Company. Mr. Link is a member of the Investment Bankers Association of America, and he is a loyal member of the Grand Rapids Association of Commerce. His Masonic affiliation is with York Lodge; at Grand Rapids he has membership in the Masonic Country Club, the Peninsular Club, and Highlands Country Club, besides which he is a member of the Aero Club of America and of the Muskegon Country Club, Muskegon, Michigan. In Grand Rapids, Mr. Link maintains his residence in the home of Siegel W. Judd, of whom individual mention is made on another page of this book. The political alignment of Mr. Link is in the ranks of the Republican party.

Transcriber: John Miller
Created: 4 March 2003