Frank C. Jarvis, D. D. S.

Page 504-506 - Frank C. Jarvis, D.D.S.  Although numbered among the later practitioners of Grand Rapids, Dr. Frank C. Jarvis has proven his ability as a dentist and is well upholding the honors of his profession. He has been a resident of Grand Rapids for nearly fourteen years, and no citizen of this city has made a more lasting impression for both professional ability of a high order and for the individuality of a genial personal character. He holds prestige in his profession by reason of ability and thorough training, and the substantial and representative scope of his practice indicates the high popular estimate placed upon him as a skilled dental practitioner. Dr. Jarvis was born at Paw Paw, Van Buren county, Michigan, September 9, 1872, a son of Roman Jarvis and Arimantha (Hicks) Jarvis, who moved from the state of New York to Michigan in 1862. Here the father became a prosperous shoe merchant at Benton Harbor, and continued in that field of activity for many years, dying there in 1899, his wife having preceded him to the grave, dying in 1894. Dr. Frank C. Jarvis obtained his early education in the grammar and high schools of Benton Harbor, in which he made good use of his time and opportunity, graduating from the latter in 1891. Having determined upon the practice of dentistry as a life work, he later matriculated at the dental department of the Northwestern University, at Chicago, where he took a thorough course and was graduated in 1900 with the degree of Doctor of Dental Surgery. Soon afterward he established himself in the practice of his profession at Benton Harbor, where he continued in general practice for three years. For the ensuing five years he was in practice at Kalispell, Montana, but later returned to Michigan and in 1912 he came to Grand Rapids, where he has since continued as a successful and representative exponent of modern dental science and practice. He maintains adequate offices in the Gilbert building with the most modern equipment in both operative and laboratory departments and here his clientele is distinctively of representative order. Dr. Jarvis is an active member of the American Dental Association and of the Michigan State Dental Association, and keeps in close touch with all that research is bringing to light in the field of scientific knowledge. His work has been characterized by devotion to duty and his professional services have ever been discharged with a keen sense of conscientious obligation. Besides the practice of his profession, Dr. Jarvis also finds time and opportunity to give effective cooperation in movements for the social, political and material betterment of the community, and has ever stood as an exponent of the best type of civic loyalty and progressiveness. He has been prominent in the councils and campaign activities of the Democratic party in his native state for many years, and has wielded definite and benignant influence, both as a citizen and as a man of political jurisprudence. Under the administration of President Cleveland he served as assistant postmaster of Benton Harbor and in 1920 he was the Democratic candidate for representative of the Fifth Michigan district in the United States Congress. He was also his party's candidate for secretary of state of Michigan in 1924. Though defeated at the polls, he ran 20,000 votes ahead of the Democratic presidential vote in the state, and the only reason for his not being elected to such public office is the Democratic minority in Michigan. Dr. Jarvis was married in 1900 to Miss Minnie E. Knight of Marshall, Michigan, a woman of engaging personality, and to this union there have been born two daughters, Marian and Helen, the former a graduate of the University of Michigan, where she specialized in dental hygiene and is now a valued assistant of Dr. Henry L. Miller, of Grand Rapids. The family home for many years has been on West Leonard road, in one of the most delightful suburban districts of Grand Rapids. Here the doctor takes great pride in beautifying his grounds with flowers and shrubs besides keeping the lawns up to the finest standard. The home overlooks the fine grounds and golf links of the Highland Country Club, of which the doctor is an appreciative and popular member.

Transcriber: Gloria Paas
Created: 25 November 2002