Miss Nora M. Husted

Page 594-595 - Miss Nora M. Husted, president of the Sempray JoveNay Company, manufacturers of toilet articles, at 650 Turner, northwest, is one of the representative and successful business women of Grand Rapids. She was born in Lowell, Kent county, Michigan, on June 24, 1871. Her father and mother, N. P. and Nora (Bresnahan) Husted, are long residents of Lowell. He was a native of New York state and the mother was born at Grass Lake, Michigan. When a young man N. P. Husted came to Lowell and was principal of the high school there for a time. He had made his own way in the world and was graduated from the Michigan State Normal College, of Ypsilanti. He later engaged in the nursery business with a high degree of success until his failure in 1875 for approximately a quarter of a million dollars. He continued in business until his death in 1915 at the age of eighty, but was never able fully to recuperate from the effects of his financial crash. His wife died in the same year, 1915, at the age of sixty-nine years. This couple had five children, of whom four are now living. Nora M. Husted received her education in the public schools of Lowell, Michigan, and when sixteen years old started on a business career with her mother, engaging in the manufacturing of toilet articles in a very small way. Out of this venture has grown her extensive business, of which she is now the sole owner. In 1910 Miss Hustedís mother was instrumental in organizing the company, under the name of Marietta Stanley Company, which enterprise was incorporated, with her sister Elizabeth J. Husted, associated with her in the enterprise. At that time the officers were Nora Carr, president; Nora M. Husted, vice-president, and Elizabeth J. Husted, secretary and treasurer. The name was later changed to its present form. The officers of this enterprise are now Nora M. Husted, president; W. C. Hopson, vice-president; Helen M. Rooney, secretary, and Lillian Worner, treasurer. Otto Husted, a brother of Nora M. Husted, is also a director in the company, which is now doing a business sufficient in extent to afford employment to twenty-six people. In 1910 this company erected its present three-story building, 70 by 70 feet. Miss Husted is a member of the Zonta Club, Womenís City Club, and is active in her affiliation with the Catholic church, her present church connections being with St. Maryís. Miss Husted also has reason to be proud of the fact that she and her sister, Elizabeth Husted, have reared two nephews, Walter Husted and Earl Husted, and are at this time affording them both an education in the Grand Rapids high school and in the studies of music.

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