John M. Hoekstra

 Page 618-619 - John M. Hoekstra has been, since 1912, one of the principals of the Hoekstra Ice Cream Company, which has developed in Grand Rapids a large and prosperous business in the manufacturing of ice cream of the highest grade, and through the executive ability and unfailing energy of the son, William M. Hoekstra, the business has grown to its present size and standing. The enterprise is of both wholesale and retail order, and service is given through territory within a radius of five miles from Grand Rapids as a distributing center. The name of Hoekstra has ever stood exponent of fair and honorable dealings and of the best of service, this having been significantly true in the family’s long association with the dairy business in Grand Rapids and Kent county. In the Hoekstra Ice Cream Company the other principals are William M. Hoekstra and George E. Whitford. John M. Hoekstra was born in Holland, and was a lad of about seven years when he accompanied his parents to the United States, the family home having been established in Grand Rapids about fifty-five years ago. Here Mr. Hoekstra was reared and educated, and here he has proven himself one of the world’s industrious and constructive workers. He was for many years engaged in the dairy business, and this involved work, virtually both day and night, in serving milk and other dairy products daily to the large and appreciative patronage in Grand Rapids. Since 1912 Mr. Hoekstra has been the executive head of the Hoekstra Ice Cream Company, the business having been established in that year, and a branch factory being now maintained in the city of Holland. The present modern factory building of the company in Grand Rapids was erected in 1916, and is a substantial brick structure, situated at the corner of Eugene and Jefferson streets. The three members of the firm are represented in membership in the Grand Rapids Association of Commerce and the Michigan Ice Cream Manufacturers’ Association. John M. Hoekstra married Miss Wilhelmina Brummeler who likewise was born in Holland and who came with her parents from the Netherlands to Michigan when she was young. Agnes, elder of the two children of Mr. and Mrs. Hoekstra, is the wife of George E. Whitford, who is one of the constituent members of the Hoekstra Ice Cream Company, and their children are: Russell, Wilhelmina, Eleanor and Virginia. William Martin Hoekstra, younger of the two children and now general manager of the Hoekstra Ice Cream Company, was born in Grand Rapids, September 13, 1890, and is one of the loyal and progressive young business men of his native city. His public school education was supplemented by his course in the McLaughlin Business College, and he has from his youth been continuously associated with his father in business. He is affiliated with Valley City lodge, Ancient Free and Accepted Masons, and with the local lodge of the Benevolent and Protective Order of Elks. Both he and his father are Republicans in political alignment.

Transcriber: Nancy Myers
Created: 30 December 2002