Alonzo Herold

Page 274-275 Alonzo Herold who is now living virtually retired, with a beautiful home at 263 Charles avenue, southeast, in the city of Grand Rapids, still retains his financial interest in the Herold-Bertsch Shoe Company, which, in the manufacturing of shoes, represents one of the important and substantial industrial enterprises of this city. Mr. Herold was long and actively identified with business enterprise in Grand Rapids, and has won prosperity through his own ability and efforts, the while he has ever commanded secure place in the confidence and good will of those with whom he has come in contact in the varied relations of life. Mr. Herold was born at Holland, Ottawa county, Michigan, December 22, 1859, his parents having come to that place in the preceding years, from Ohio, and his father having there engaged in the work of his trade, that of shoemaker, as a pioneer representative of that line of industry in the sturdy little Michigan city that was founded by colonists from the European Netherlands. Mr. Herold attended the public schools of Holland until he was fourteen years of age, and showed great liking for his studies, with the result that he profited fully by the advantages thus afforded him. His father had in the meanwhile engaged in the mercantile business at Holland, and when both the family home and the store were destroyed by fire Alonzo Herold found that his school work must be interrupted. Thus, at the age of fourteen years, he came to Grand Rapids, in 1873, and here entered the employ of the Cappon-Bertsch Leather Company. A year later he took a position with L. J. Rindge & Company, shoe merchants, the concern later becoming known as Rindge, Kalmbach & Company. For ten years Mr. Herold was a clerk in the retail department of this establishment, and in 1884 he resigned his position and engaged in the retail shoe business, as senior member of the firm of Herold & Bertsch, with Christian Bertsch as his coadjutor. The firm built up a prosperous business, and after the lapse of eight years Mr. Herold sold his interest to J. H. Hagy. In September, 1893, he bacame one of the principals in the incorporation of the Herold-Bertsch Shoe Company, which developed a large and substantial business in the manufacturing of shoes and in handling the output at wholesale. Wth this representative concern Mr. Herold continued an active executive until March, 1925, when he retired, though still retaining his interest in the business. Mr. Herold has made a record of admirable business achievement and is to be commended for the substantial and worthy success he has gained through his own ability and application during many years of prominent association with the business activities of Michigan's fine "Valley City." He is loyal and liberal as a citizen, is a Republican in politics, and he and his wife are communicants of St. Mark's church, Protestant Episcopal. In 1886 Mr. Herold wedded Miss Sarah Bole, of Grand Rapids, and they have two children. Clifford is manager of the drug store conducted by the Muir Drug Company at Elyria, Ohio, and Miss Verna holds a position in the library of the Crescent street public school in Grand Rapids.

Transcriber: Gloria Paas
Created: 28 January 2003