Loren L. Henry

Page 573-574 - Loren L. Henry, vice-president and superintendent of Roseberry-Henry Electric Company of Grand Rapids, Michigan, was instrumental, with Mr Roseberry, in founding and developing one of the leading concerns of its kind in southwestern Michigan, which has attained an annual volume of a quarter of a million dollar business. Mr Henry was born at Saranac, Michigan, on September 4, 1863. His parents, Samuel Stephen Newton and Mary (Loucks) Henry came to Lowell while he was quite young. The father was a carpenter and builder. He died in 1913 at the age of sixty-eight years, his wife surviving him until 1921, she passing away at the age of seventy-two years. Their last years were spent in Grand Rapids. They were both members of the Methodist church. Loren L Henry received his education in the Lowell schools and was graduated from the Lowell high school in 1882. In 1883 he came to Grand Rapids. He has made his own way since he was fifteen years of age. Upon coming to Grand Rapids he built a house for Mr Campbell, superintendent of the City Railroad Company. For a period of five years he worked for a furniture company, and in 1887 he became engaged with the first electric construction house in Grand Rapids, remaining with this firm until 1892, when the company was sold to the Grand Rapids Electric Company. Mr Henry then remained with that company until 1912, serving as superintendent for those companies. In 1912, with Mr Roseberry, he bought out the M.B. Wheeler Company of Grand Rapids, and the name was changed to Roseberry Henry Electric Company, with Mr Henry as superintendent and vice-president. They have built up the business to the point of efficiency and success as heretofore indicated in this narrative. Mr Henry is affiliated with all bodies of Masonry except the thirty-third degree and is a member of Saladin Temple Shrine and of the Masonic Country Club. In his business field he is a member of the Builders and Traders Exchange. Mr Henry was joined in wedlock in 1886 with Miss Hattie E Pelton, of Grand Rapids. They are parents of a family of seven children: Harold Patrick, Daniel Dwight, Benjamin Gray, Jewell Hovey, Loren David, Ada and Mary Emily.

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