Henry T. Heald

Page 549-550 - Henry T. Heald is a former member of the Michigan legislature, has gained standing as one of the able and successful members of the bar of his native state, is established in the practice of his profession in the city of Grand Rapids, and his civic loyalty is shown in his association with the Rindge Building and Grand Rapids Garages, Inc., of which he is president, and by being vice-president and a director of the Grand Rapids Paper Box Company. In his professional activities he is giving service as counsel for Howe, Snow & Bertles, Inc., one of the leading investment banking concerns of Grand Rapids. Mr. Heald was born at Montague, Muskegon county, Michigan, March 25, 1876, and is a son of Joseph and Harriet (Woodham) Heald, both of whom were residents of Grand Rapids at the time of their death, Mrs. Heald having been born in England and having been a child when her parents came to America and settled in Canada, whence they shortly afterward came to Michigan, where she was reared and educated and where she passed the remainder of her life. Joseph Heald was born in the state of Maine, and was a pioneer in the great lumbering operations of Michigan. In 1882 he established the family home in Grand Rapids, and in 1884 he was one of the organizers and incorporators of the Kent County Savings Bank, of which he was the first president. He likewise was an early director of the Old National Bank of this city, and he was ever one of the honored and influential citizens of Grand Rapids. Henry T. Heald was lad of six years at the time of the family removal to Grand Rapids, and here he continued his studies in the public schools until his graduation in the Central high school. In 1898 he was graduated from the University of Michigan, from which he received the degree of Bachelor of Philosophy. He thereafter continued his study of law in the office and under the able preceptorship of the representative Grand Rapids law firm of Butterfield & Keeney until his admission to the bar, in 1900. He soon afterwards became junior member of the law firm of Stuart & Heald, and this alliance continued until 1905, when his coadjutor, Judge William J. Stuart, was elected to the bench of the superior court of Kent county. Thereafter Mr. Heald was for four years associated in practice with Rolland J. Cleland, under the title of Cleland & Heald, and he then engaged in practice in an individual or independent way. Mr. Heald gave close attention to his substantial law business in Grand Rapids until 1917, when, upon the nationís entrance into the World war, he was called into service in the city of Washington, D. C., as attorney in the government office of the custodian of alien property. Of this responsible position he continued the incumbent five years, and he then, in 1922, returned to Grand Rapids where he has since been office counsel for Howe, Snow & Bertles, Inc. Mr. Heald has been active and influential in the Michigan councils of the Republican party, in 1905-06 he was representative of Kent county in the state legislature, and he was delegate to the state constitutional convention of 1907-08. He is president of the Petoskey Gas Company, of Petoskey, Michigan, and is president of the Midco Oil Corporation, of Tulsa, Oklahoma. He is an active member of the Kent County Bar Association, the local Association of Commerce, the University and Peninsular Clubs, the Grand Rapids Motor Club, the Kent Country Club, and the Grand Rapids Lodge of Elks. He and his wife are communicants of St. Markís church, Protestant Episcopal. In 1906 was solemnized the marriage of Mr. Heald to Miss Anne Rindge, daughter of the late Lester J. Rindge, who was a prominent business man and influential citizen of Grand Rapids. Mr. and Mrs. Heald have two children: Alice Rindge and Eleanor Lester.


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