Henry J. Hartman

Page 576-577 - Henry J. Hartman is president of the H.J. Hartman Foundry Company, which is a well-equipped foundry with a machine shop in connection, and is located at 16 Front street, southwest, in the city of Grand Rapids. He is not only one of the prominent and successful business men of his native city, but is also a representative of the line of industrial enterprise with which his father was associated during a period of virtually half a century. Henry J Hartman was born June 21, 1859, in the family residence, located on the southwest corner of Broadway and Shawmut avenue. This house was occupied by the family twelve years. His parents, Frederick and Katherine (Weber) Hartman, were well-known and highly esteemed pioneer citizens of Grand Rapids at the time of their death. Frederick Hartman was active in civic and industrial interests. He was in the foundry business most of his life, his foundry being situated near the present H.J. Hartman Foundry Company. He acquired his early education in the Union school on Turner street, at which time it was a stone structure. While attending grade school Mr Hartman remembers the launching of boats, which were built on his present foundry property. After completing his schooling in the Union school, he entered the C.G. Swensberg Commercial school. When this course had been completed, he started his business career with his father, commencing at the bottom of the ladder so as to learn the business thoroughly. He worked for Fredrick Hartman four years, at the end of which he had completed his apprenticeship as a molder. At this time he set out to gain more foundry experience, and worked in several foundries in the middle west. Mr Hartman returned to Grand Rapids three years later and rented his father's establishment, starting in for himself. A year later he married Josephine Lamparter, August 11, 1884. Two years after renting his father's foundry, he built on the present H.J. Hartman Foundry site. His father ran a machine shop in conjunction with his son's foundry, and from that time it grew until it reached the present size. This well-ordered concern represents one of the pioneer industries in Grand Rapids and the business is of substantial and prosperous order. It has always been conducted under the efficient and progressive management of Henry J. Hartman. He is a life member of the local Elks Lodge, and a loyal Republican. Mr and Mrs Hartman have three daughters, Elsie, Lottie and Etta, the only son dying in infancy. Throughout Mr Hartman's life he has enjoyed the outdoors and so has spent his leisure moments hunting and fishing. He is still active in this line of sport. Besides this, he exercises several times weekly. He enjoys boxing and other active exercises, and is thoroughly convinced that the present good health he is enjoying is largely due to taking active work in a gymnasium.

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