Theodore J. Hake

Page 186 - Theodore J. Hake, who has been retired from active business since 1918, and who maintains his home in Grand Rapids, was here born December 30, 1869. He was graduated in Notre Dame University, and in June 1887 he assumed the position of draft clerk in the National City Bank of Grand Rapids, in which he later became discount clerk. He remained with this institution eleven years, and during the ensuing four years was a bookkeeper for the Hake Manufacturing Company. Thereafter he was here associated with the wholesale liquor business of Frank J. Wilmes, and finally he engaged in that line of business in the city of Cincinnati, Ohio, where he organized the firm of Theodore J. Hake & Company. Later he returned to Grand Rapids and bought the Wilmes liquor business, which he successfully conducted seven years, at the expiration of which he retired from active business. He married Miss Catherine Rademacher, daughter of William Rademacher, of Milwaukee, Wisconsin, and a niece of the Right Rev. Joseph Rademacher, Bishop of the Catholic Diocese of Fort Wayne, Indiana, and to this union were born two children, Leone K. and Bernadette.

Transcriber: Nancy Myers
Created: 22 March 2003