Albert W. Hake

Page 605 - Albert W. Hake is successfully established in the wholesale and retail coal business in Grand Rapids, under the title of the Albert W. Hake Coal Company, and he is one of the alert and progressive business men of his native city. Of the family history, adequate record is given on other pages of this work, in the memoir dedicated to his honored father, the late William Hake. The subject of this review was afforded the advantages of the great Notre Dame University at South Bend, Indiana, and thereafter he was for some time a clerk in the office of the city treasurer, of Grand Rapids, his father having been at that period the city treasurer.. He next made a successful record as a traveling salesman for his brothers, Charles and Henry, who were operating a wood-carving factory and producing high-grade furniture ornamentation. He thus continued to represent this concern, through the United States and in various Canadian provinces, until 1902, when he found employment with Himes Coal Company of Grand Rapids. He continued his alliance with this company twenty-one years, learned all details of the business, and finally, in 1923, he engaged in the coal business in an independent way and under the present title of the Albert W. Hake Coal Company. Mr. Hake takes lively interest in all matters touching the welfare and progress of his home city. He is a popular representative of one of the old and honored families of Grand Rapids and he and his wife are here active in various social circles, the maiden name of Mrs. Hake having been Josephine Burtis, and their marriage having solemnized in 1902.

Transcriber:  Nancy Myers
Created: 21 December 2002