Addison S. Goodman

History of Kent County - Page 355-356 - Addison S. Goodman has intimate association with the industrial and commercial interests of Grand Rapids, as he is secretary and treasurer of the Valley City Desk Company, one of the substantial and well ordered manufacturing concerns that lend to the presidence of this city. The Valley City Table Company was organized and incorporated in 1888, with Alonzo Hodges, George H. Clark and John A Hodges as the principals. The new concern initiated the manufacturing of office tables, and in 1892 the corporate title, in consonance with the amplification of the productive output, was changed to the present form, the Valley City Desk Company. On the 28th of August, 1911, O.C.S. Olsen, Hans Clemetsen and Addison S. Goodman purchased the entire capital stock of the corporation and under their control the business has since been continued along progressive and reliable lines, the while it has greatly expanded in scope and importance. Mr. Olsen, who is president of the company, is a resident of Chicago; Mr. Clemetsen is the vice-president and general superintendent, and of him individual mention is made on another page of this publication; and Mr Goodman, of this review, is the secretary and treasurer. The output of the manufacturing plant of the company has been brought up to a high standard, and demand for products has come from most diverse sections of the United States. Addison S. Goodman takes definite satisfaction in reverting to the fine old Wolverine state as the place of his nativity. He was born at Coldwater, judicial center of Branch county, Michigan, and he was a child at the time of the family removal to Grand Rapids, where the public schools afforded him his youthful education. His first employment was in the office of Foster, Stevens & Company, and after maintaining this alliance several years he took a position in the offices of the Gunn Furniture Company, with which he continued his association a number of years, when, as already noted, he became one of the principals and active executives of the Valley City Desk Company, to the affairs of which he has since given his close and constructive attention. He is one of the loyal and progressive citizens and business men of the city that has represented his home since his childhood, and is a member of various civic and fraternal organizations.

Transcriber: Terry Start
Created: 4 March 2003